And so The World Cup has ended

14 Jul

Well in case you missed it the World Cup’s final match was played and won. To be more precise it was won by the goal you see here. Germany takes home it’s fourth cup after defeating Brasil in their home court something that had not happen in ever (which then it lead to Brazil being beaten by the Netherlands).


The Netherlands beat Brazil for the third place, which is sad because football is all about people who really want to will and only have a 40% chance of relying in their talent and the rest is up to other elements to determine the course of the game. tumblr_n8f3c4LJny1tfi4wdo2_500 tumblr_n8nuryn3ea1sp17zio1_500 tumblr_n8nvremRdE1sp17zio1_400


Germany matched off against Argentina (who I am sure is crying their eye out as we speak) tumblr_n8o9d4rfh01ry3rxao2_250

The only goal of the whole match was made during the overtime and I have to say this World Cup was ridiculous with the over times and penalty kicks.



But there you have it the winning goal and the dead eyes of Messi as he is being hugged by a German player (in the sport were the men who are not allowed to cry can cry. Messi is the poster child for bitterness)


And Germany is at the top of football glory for the next four years. (enjoy it and hope that on the next World Cup you don’t get Spained out of groups)

tumblr_n8oiz0ErBY1rio24wo1_250 tumblr_n8p3m4XxfQ1sva2fko3_250 tumblr_n8p4rs7EQR1teu983o6_1280


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