Because I wanted to eat like an adult today

14 Jul

Ok so currently living is South Korea is great, yeah I am a bit iffy on the language and the food is a million times more spicy that your regular spicy, but it is all good. Ok well except for the fact that I am in the land where ramen was perfected (it was a huge thing during the war and people had nothing to eat in South Korea, look it up) so I have been eating more than my fair share of pre seasoned, and cooked noodles that come in bags. So since I got payed today I decided it was time to actually make food that did not include partially using something packaged. 

So I bought pasta at Homeplus, and came home to prepare what you see in the images below. What it has well pasta, cherry tomatoes (because they are a bit more convinient than regular tomatoes for me and since people here put them in fruit salads they are a bit less expensive, fruit is expensive BTW.) chicken (that I had cooked the day before because I had no idea of what to do with it) salt (because you have to have salt in your house if only to just protect you from ghosts!) gralic (because it will make you seem like more of an adult if you just have garlic really and it makes things taste good. Trust it, it may smell not so great at first but once cooked it is a different story) and cream cheese (because I had it in my refrigerator like I always do). use all ingredients to taste and there simple food that looks kinda nice (I thank the gods of cameras mine had a food app to take pictures of food).

 20140714_062323 20140714_062327


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