Adventures in South Korea: Haesindang (penis park)

19 Jul

Ok so you are in Samcheok! if you were to google samcheok, as I did before coming over you will find that there are a lot of penis carving pictures (go ahead do right now, I can wait). If you are at all offended by the subject of penis sculptures or you cannot handle it you may look away now.


For those of you who stayed, lets move on. First I will assume you are in Samcheok and have arrived there via express bus from Seoul (if you arrived by train, you can tell any taxi driver you want to go to bussuh teminal is oh yo). Ok you are at the bus terminal you will be able to go to the information booth located right on the side of the bus terminal and ask the ladies there (I have only seen ladies there so it might be a gentleman who greets you) for a bus schedule to Haesindang (they usually speak English, but if they don’t they will pull out a Samcheok travel book for you and a bus schedule). from there you will walk past the bus terminals until you get to a bus stop (is is covered and has a bench there will be hangul next to bus numbers and bus schedules). You will need 1,600 won (this is also in the bus schedule you get) the bus gives you change but make it small bills you do not want to walk around with 10,000 won in change. 


The stop will a lot like this but a bit order looking and odds are there will be nice anjumas waiting as well. 

So you get on the bus,the schedule will say it takes about 40 minutes and you must get off at Sinnam (do not listen to it! I did and I ended up two stops away from where I should have been.) You will instead get off in a place that looks like this.


This picture was taken from across the street which is where the park is but a soon as you see this building press the ‘stop’ button. you can also get off at the following stop, and cross the street to a fishing village, the park has two entrances.

Ok so you made it to the correct stop (the bus driver was nice enough to flag down the bus that would take me to the correct stop, and they dropped me off at the stop where there is less walking to the entrance). You will pay 3,000 won unless you are in a group in which case you will pay 2,000 won (for some reason prices are less when you are not a lonely looser).


See the entrance? yup that is one of them. 

Ok so here is the story behind this park: A long long time ago a maiden who picked seaweed was taken to a rock away from the shore by her betrothed (because there was a bit of seaweed there). He told her he would come back for her once she was done. Well the guy did not, because there was a storm and he was unable to get his boat to her (or so he said) and the poor girl drowned. Soon after the fish began to disappear, which made the people think that the girl was angry for having died a maiden (talk about sexual frustration) and so they decided to offer her phallus carving to console her spirit.  This is still done today, on the first full moon of the lunar new year people gather to carve out phallus out of wood and they get placed in the park.


20140718_220125 20140718_220131

There are the images that greet you as you walk into the park, I ate a snack there.

20140718_220140 20140718_220431

I did not fully followed these stair because it looked like a bigger hike that what I was ready for however going down the stair was worth my time.

20140718_220611 20140718_220718 20140718_220746 20140718_220807 20140718_220822

I found dragon flies! which was awesome to me anyways.



This was like phallus-ception a penis within a penis and so on.


sitting are with decorative phallic chairs.

20140718_221615 20140718_221618

The path smelled like Jasmine flowers (at least it did to me).

20140718_221628 20140718_221637

There were for sure the most weird carvings because they are cut off.







eventually you come across this tent looking thing and if you go under it you will discover stairs!


So I took the stairs.

20140718_221834 20140718_222039

got to an observation area where you could see the ocean from (it was nice a bit of a rest


Then I saw that this also lead to a longer hike to for which I was not prepared for so I turned around.

20140718_222149 20140718_222153

And this weird looking (spider/ beetle?) jumped out from the bushes so I took a picture and run back up stairs (if you are not spider friendly you probably don’t want to go down the stairs, because there were a lot of spiders and they looked like they could kick your ass.)

20140718_222511 20140718_222514 20140718_222518

These ones are stone phallus! and they have animal, the explanation for them was in Korean so I don’t know…

20140718_222607 20140718_222618

I am not entirely sure what these men where supposed to be doing (again Korean explanation) but their penises are out so you can come up with an explanation.


Ah the quiet kisaeng (courtesan) house!

20140718_222631 20140718_222637 20140718_222645 20140718_222653 20140718_222704


in other pictures they are in more compromising positions. 


20140718_222741 20140718_222842 20140718_222859

This is the maiden ghost with sexual frustration issues.


fun seesaw!

20140718_223415 20140718_223420 20140718_223427 20140718_223548 20140718_223633 20140718_223636 20140718_223650 20140718_223700 20140718_223704 20140718_223720


By this point it was really hot and so I found the fishing village museum! it has toilets, water and air conditioning. 

20140718_223859 20140718_224414 20140718_224417 20140718_224425 20140718_224431 20140718_224444 20140718_224452

The ladies were not left out and the exhibit turns into more of a history of sex around the world!

20140718_224515 20140718_224537 20140718_224544 20140718_224605 20140718_224614 20140718_224629


20140718_224751 20140718_224809 20140718_224815  20140718_230353

cannon penis that I assume spouts water at some point because there is a fountain at the bottom.

20140718_230357 20140718_230405




20140718_230722 20140718_230750 20140718_230755 20140718_230815 20140718_230924 20140718_231117 20140718_232637


I also found a squirrel so that was cool too.


there were sitting phallus for the pleasure and comfort of those who wanted them. Have fun on your own adventure!


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