Because I wanted to eat like an adult again.

19 Jul

Ok so this may be a more regular thing then previously planned (I made food for myself again). So a new friend had some bell peppers she was no longer going to use and I thought of a recipe for them. Long story short we are here again.

20140718_061353 20140718_061359 20140718_061403 20140718_061410

What I used: Bell pepper (red have the best flavor for this dish plus you get the color), green onions (the reason green bell peppers don’t work so well), Soy sauce, chicken (I used dark meat of the chicken, and well here in Samcheok they cut up the entire chicken  in small pieces) oil (just a bit to cook the chicken) and sesame oil (this can be left out if you don’t have it). First you brown the chicken in a pan (or you can just use the sauce pan or pot you would be using to make the entire thing because I did but you can choose to be fancy and clean more things later). Then you lower the heat and add in the bell peppers because they are hardy and will take longer to cook (cut the bell pepper btw, in any shape you want be creative!). Once you feel the moment is right and you start seeing that the bell peppers are beginning to cook add about half a cup (or less, there are no real measurements here, let’s be honest) to the pot or pan you are using. Finally when you start to see that the soy sauce is boiling you can add the green onions (if you are not sure that your chicken is cooked all the way add a quarter cup of water and let it reduce for a bit) then just leave the heat on long enough for your onions to die a bit. Enjoy over white rice (or brown rice, because you are the person eating it and no one else but you can determine how you will enjoy your food. Also add salt if you feel like it needs to but the soy sauce can actually be salty enough but you know your food.) and there you have fed yourself like and adult human!


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