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Doctor Who: Into The Dalek

31 Aug


This week on Doctor Who! (the episode should be called Honey I shrunk the Doctor). The Doctor goes to the future where once again the human race is battling it out with the Dalek (because well the Dalek just want to ‘EXTERMINATE!’ and humans just don’t want that). He meets the war raised Journey Blue (that is her name and what an awesome name to have, and I am sure her parents were Hippies).


Just to show the old-maness of the Doctor he does the (you have to say please if you want anything out of me thing). Which Journey eventually gets even though she probably thinks she is a grown-ass-woman and should not be treated as a child (but not of that would happen if you had been polite in the first place Journey…).

The Doctor goes back to get Clara at the school where we get a first glance at Mr. Pink Clara’s coworker (also a soldier who seems to have a touchy past and everyone seems to think of him as a lady killer. Which he denies and frankly I believe him.).


Best quote award goes to “Don’t be Lasagna” (as you may have already witness if you also surf the tumblr verse, it is everywhere now) Which is basically uttered before the shrinking process, so the Doctor can go into a Dalek and repair it.


As with everything Dalek, the Doctor gets that anger/depression thing going on that often has shown to stretch the limits of the companions’ patience and in this particular case he gets slapped by Clara.


Meanwhile we get to see a bit more of Missy in “heaven”? (it seems like this is the place people who have died because of the doctor go to. So maybe it is like heaven and Missy is just to give emotional support and debrief them of their experience.)


Ok so essentially what was wrong with the Dalek was that he had become aware that human life will not yield to the Dalek desire and would forever continue to exist. This momentarily made the Dalek ‘good’ if still had the ‘Exterminate” impulse but as you can see it is not in all-caps. Once he is repaired however the ‘EXTERMNATE’ feelings come back and well he is all dalekei again. The situation gets solved by resurfacing memories in the Dalek, which is a teaching moment in Dalek brain function (pay attention Kids!). Finally our Dalek saves the human spaceship and all is alright.


Best moment the gif. above. We kept hearing how the Doctor would make a good Dalek (much like how Harry Potter would have been a great Slytherin? yeah). But in this instant the Dalek refers to the doctor a good (as in you are inherently good being) Dalek. Which frankly nearly made me cry tear (all the feels were felt).


And the Doctor felt all the feels as well.


Ok so my brain inner workings on this one. I think that the show is pushing to be like the original, we start with the intro alone is more of a trow back than original pepsi. We have an older Doctor, who’s companion is a teacher (just like in the olden times? remember? or remember watching classic Who?). There were actually some learning moments, in this episode mainly about the brain, and inactive service-people sensitivity. Clara did a bit more she is still treated like a child at times and the Doctor treat her like a parent that thinks she is getting to old to catch herself a husband, but then again he gives her anti-compliments. SO  essentially one of those parents who bad-mouths you in front of you but praises you behind your back.

What do you think the deal with Missy is is she the Debriefing department of Time Lords? is she just there to be crazy and then hit the Doctor with survivor’s guilt? or is she actually his girlfriend? Also is Clara improving as a character or was it just wishful thinking and the fact the she slapped the Doctor.

Enjoy the episode!!


Doctor Who: Deep Breath a Review

24 Aug

Happy Doctor Who Day!!


Alright so that time has come again and while I am not happy with the writing, I could not keep myself from watching the first episode of Capaldi as the Doctor.


This episode takes us back to Victorian England, where Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax help the doctor cope with his brand new vintage looking face.




First impression of this regeneration is the it started a bit on the the doctor may be really old and has to perhaps take a time to not appears as though he has Alzheimer. 




But every regeneration is different and the recuperation time has varied from doctor to doctor. It was just a bit harder on Clara as compared to other companions that have seen the doctor regenerate. To a point Clara sort seemed more thrown off than most and granted Rose did get David Tennant as Her doctor (Who doesn’t want that?). But even though she was thrown off she managed to just keep calm and well carry on with the crisis at hand. Clara on the other hand just dangle on the possibility that the doctor will be young again. Part of it could be because of the back and forth flirting before the regeneration (could you imagine flirting with Someone and then having them turn a bit older than the appropriate relationship age gap?). Well that has actually happened in Misfits (another British show about people with mutant powers, watch it!). 


Anyway, Clara has been through a lot (the doctor was even trying to teach her how to fly the TARDIS and it seems strange that regeneration never did come up). Props to her she did manage to get a grip of the situation and be smart but I would like to not see so much a of a lost puppy face a;l the time. Companions have to be strong and while she has all of the potential to super awesome she is stuck just hoping the doctor comes through. And as we have seen time and time again yeah he does but all companions should know ‘The doctor always lies’ and sometimes he can flake out on you. (But this is Moffat’s writing and he has give Clara this role all we can hope for is for her to reach that hight of character development).



Back to the Doctor, those eyebrows are ready to kill (also I do not mind the fourth wall breaking stare, it is somewhat comforting).



I feel (and this is only my mind at work here) that somehow, referencing ‘The Fires of Pompeii’. He has seen that face before and it would be (I believe) the second time the doctor reincarnation has appeared in an episode of the doctor before so (as a principal theory) the faces of the doctor are not random. They may actually be faces of people the doctor has encountered before and may have liked. 



So he is simply trying to remember where he had seen that face before? (well two reincarnations ago…). It makes sense in my head, and the doctor does meet a lot of people so remembering everyone (like any of us who has had the horrible experience of not remembering the name of a person we’ve met before, yet they always remember us, may have just forgotten that person but sort of remembered the face vaguely). 


It may also be a large shock to be significantly older, since part regenerations’ age reduction happened more or less gradually. 




As we all know the doctor will always need a companion, so it is rather hard to change so much and then have the person you rely on for emotional suport and human interaction to just miss the “old you”. It is heart braking (to me in part because I like the doctor, in all reincarnations, sure I have favorites like anyone else does but you always try to at least like them equally).



The TARDIS has also changed ( and I like the home-feel to it, notice the book shelves).



And to add to the grumpy old man feel, the doctor got himself a comfy chair (I think it makes him seem like a wise old mentor of the likes of Merlin). 


 And to top off the old-man feel to it he has this awkward reaction to hugs.



Nothing I continue to watch Doctor Who until there is no more, because I want to know where this goes. Specially now that we have someone who seems to be pulling strings (a mysterious woman with an awesome sense of fashion).



I like how they went more in depth with the relationship between Madame Vastra and Jenny. They are adorable yet a serious badass couple (the kind of people you are glad to have on your side).

So enjoy the new season and the new Doctor!

Let me know what you think!


Adventures in South Korea: Mureong Valley, Donghae, South Korea

17 Aug

Mureong Valley, if you want to cab her you can say Mureong chegok (because they will not understand valley). There is an option of taking the bus here but I did not do that so you may have to go to the information center in Donhae (yes this valley in the town of Donghae in the Gangwondo area. A 1.650 won bus ride or you can just cab to the valley). 



So once you get off the taxi you will see the shops all around, good place to get souvenirs along with places to eat and drink. 





After you are walking for a while you will get to the area where you can buy your admission tickets which are not at all expensive. Once you have passed the gate feel free to wander around the valley. 















There is a couple of rivers so you can pack a bathing suit and towels (most Koreans had tubes and other bloating devises along with tents they do not kid around with comfort they will carry all this stuff around). You may also want to have a change of clothing because well you never know when you may thing you can make it to the other rock in the middle of the river and then you don’t. 







There is a temple where people can come and stay to enjoy the nature and what not else of the valley.






















These are rather small but they find strength in numbers so be prepared to work out your thighs. 






This was the chosen spot for a break/ picnic a small but deeper than my legs are long led me to believe I could make it across with out having to get my clothes wet (It did nit workout so well for me). 







After finishing the rest of the hike it was time to see what the shops outside of the valley entrance had to offer and came upon Makgeolli (in it’s truest form and we had it with a Korean soft drink called Cider because it tasted better). 




The following is what they call a Korean pizza, which is essentially a giant potato pancake (it was great and even though the amount of hiking did not equate the caloric intake it did not matter).



When the day came to an end a taxi took us to a tore where wine was bought to be enjoyed at the Donghae beach (it was also a bit rainy yet the summer heat was very real). 



Happy travels and drink responsibly!

Movie Review: Nymph

10 Aug

download (4)


Did you like The Little Mermaid? well this is nothing like it. And well I am not sure I have good reviews for this one it leaned to the side of awkward in many scenes and left me with a lot of second hand embarrassment. 


images (9)

The movie is sort of centered around two best friends who travel to an Island where people are reported missing with frequency. Just to add a bit of variety bikinis are often worn (like any other vacation movies) and the girls move around in slow motion.  

images (7)


The group makes it to the island where they find the cause of all of the disappearances, and like in any good mystery the group divides (just like they do in Scooby Doo).  

images (10)


This movie contains a person warning the group not to, infidelity, a man with a hook (literally a hook being dragged around to make that extra scary hook noise), and people being chopped up or eaten. The mermaid is an extra in the scary movie trope list. 

download (5)



Actually I would have to say the mermaid was by far the best actor, some of the characters did not do so well with the lines and part of the time pretending to be american was just not enough. Even the boob scene was a bit on the bring side, but if you are looking for something to watch Here is the trailer 


Movie Review: When Animals Dream

10 Aug

download (2)

This is a movie from Denmark, I really liked it.

download (3)

This is a bout a typical girl who lives in a quiet coastal town.

images (5)

In Denmark of course, and she meets a boy who falls in-love with her.

images (6)

This girl then realizes that she like her mother (who she thought had a debilitating disease) is going to turn into a werewolf. Which gives births to one if not the best pick-up line ever “I am going to turn into a wild animal but before I do I must have as much sex as possible”. It may only work for girls though (sorry dudes but you do not have the best track record of non-violence as a population). 

images (4)

Girl is the persecuted for being a monster and well the rest is in the movie. The trailer so click it!

The make up for this was great, and so was the acting may I add! This was also a very well done lady werewolf, of which we do not see often so it is worth supporting this movie and the lady werewolfs that may come in the future.

Movie Review: The Demon’s Rook

10 Aug



So during my vacation I went to the Bucheon film festival in Seoul, I learned two things on this was a great idea and two South Koreans do not get American movie humor (it was like watching a rated R movie with your up-tight grandmother).

images (1)


If you are in the mood for a gory yet fun Halloween movie to watch while drunk or maybe even high, look no further. This was the best movie of the day (mainly because if reminded me of movies you watch with your friends) and also because if had amazing effects and a killer concert scene.

download (1)

It had everything a movie needs really, demons, zombies, people camping, concerts, girls with guns, people under mind control, and nakedness. 


images (2)


The costumes were legit, specially since they did zombies during the day time which is hard to do really. The blood spatter was awesome and above all this movie seemed to have been done with tons of love, which showed at every second. 


images (3)


The costumes and make-up man they were amazing!

My only criticism was that in one nakedness scene the girls just took off the top layer of clothing and seemed to not had been wearing any underwear which I know why they did that (for the sake of time, underwear takes time to remove, but they were clearly wearing bras before). But really it is just one f the things I criticize about a lot of movies anyways because bras make boobs look  a certain way and un-bra boobs on movies seem to be magical. 

Anyways (aside from my boob/bra ranting) the movie was great I recommend it and I will leave a trailer for you. so click it!

Have fun!


Movie Review: Hercules

9 Aug




So I went to see Hercules (between us I was intending on going to see Guardians of the Galaxy but Korean movie theatres did not think it was important enough). Beside my rage Hercules was the other English movie playing and well I have always had a soft spot for Greek Mythology so why not right? I was pleasantly surprised at this movie I had seen some other reviews saying the movie was ok. But it completely blew my mind!



We start with Hercules of course but he has a band of warriors with him. You see this movie is not so much about the myth that was created about Hercules but the human side of him that stood behind the myth. However the companions made it all way better. Shall I start with my old man crush Ian McShane?




As any seer he is in constant waiting of his death time, which makes him that much more crazy/badass and lovable for it. 



Rufus Sewell awesome badass/ childhood friend.



He is more of the underdog of the story in some ways but hey if you were ten times bigger than your nephew you would want to protect him too.



Amazon represent! Awesome archer is just another warrior and is good at it yet she does not loose compassion or is overtly aggressive to prove she belongs.




You will love this guy by the end of the movie trust me. He is on the crazy dangerous side of things but damn if you don’t get the feel you have no heart!




And then there is the man of the legend Hercules, who is awesome because Dwyane Johnson is indeed him (he is his character, he can crush your skull with his hands but would rather just hangout and talk about feelings and such. Yet let anyone dare make fun of him for that and the skull crushing can happen. and that is how it is in my head.). 

The movie was great, lost of action and blood shed, left turn plot twist which was much appreciated. Awesome cast! because John Hurt the voice of many wise dragons and even wisest story tellers is in it. So go watch it and if you have already then watch it again because it was a great film.