South Korean Adventures: Dongdaemun Design Plaza, Seoul

2 Aug

This week was vacation, but did you not just started work a month ago?, you may say. And the response is: yes, yes I did. But hey who am I to refuse to go on vacation. 

My lovely friend who has been a teacher in Seoul for aver a year made plans and I took the bus from Samcheok to Seoul (I ended up in Itaewon first but that is more like a bar review so it will come later). 

The first stop on vacation that was not improvised was WETA Workshop ‘Fantasy Exhibition’ (and yes it is as awesome as it sounds). I went in and felt I had gone to fantasy nerd haven, because who does not want to feel like a woodland creature or a hobbit? 

We begin by arriving at the  Dongdaemun Design Plaza (how do you get there? well you can take a train or a bus if you are brave enough you can drive or even walk) I really am not sure, I looked up the train stops from Tehyon. Always go to the information centers if they cannot speak English they will give you a map so you don’t have to look at your phone all the time and kill its food source. 



20140727_215516 20140727_215527 20140727_215531



Anyways you will arrive at a place like this in the pictures above then just follow the scent of awesome purchase a ticket and go in to a world you wish you had lived in your whole life. 

20140727_215857 20140727_215903







Look at all that is balancing this statue!

20140727_220651 20140727_220656

You get all sorts of models from life sized to the you wish were life sized because they are so awesome. 



20140727_221204 20140727_221852


20140727_222013 20140727_222139


In many ways this may have been better than comic con because there was a lot to see and well…life size baby dragon (that looks incredibly cute holding its tail as it sleeps!)

20140727_222635 20140727_222756

Can you spot all the different things? look very close.

20140727_222800 20140727_222811 20140727_222949 20140727_222955 20140727_223004 20140727_223010 20140727_223026 20140727_223033 20140727_223114 20140727_223124 20140727_223209


Finally these statues were just larger than life and I which the people holding the exhibit would have let us touch them all but we couldn’t (mega sad face). This requires a marathon of the Lord of the rings trilogy, plus never ending story plus anything else you thought should be real.

If you find this exhibit near you it is worth the money! or if you are in Seoul there is something for you to do now it runs until August 17 2014. 


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