Movie Review: Hercules

9 Aug




So I went to see Hercules (between us I was intending on going to see Guardians of the Galaxy but Korean movie theatres did not think it was important enough). Beside my rage Hercules was the other English movie playing and well I have always had a soft spot for Greek Mythology so why not right? I was pleasantly surprised at this movie I had seen some other reviews saying the movie was ok. But it completely blew my mind!



We start with Hercules of course but he has a band of warriors with him. You see this movie is not so much about the myth that was created about Hercules but the human side of him that stood behind the myth. However the companions made it all way better. Shall I start with my old man crush Ian McShane?




As any seer he is in constant waiting of his death time, which makes him that much more crazy/badass and lovable for it. 



Rufus Sewell awesome badass/ childhood friend.



He is more of the underdog of the story in some ways but hey if you were ten times bigger than your nephew you would want to protect him too.



Amazon represent! Awesome archer is just another warrior and is good at it yet she does not loose compassion or is overtly aggressive to prove she belongs.




You will love this guy by the end of the movie trust me. He is on the crazy dangerous side of things but damn if you don’t get the feel you have no heart!




And then there is the man of the legend Hercules, who is awesome because Dwyane Johnson is indeed him (he is his character, he can crush your skull with his hands but would rather just hangout and talk about feelings and such. Yet let anyone dare make fun of him for that and the skull crushing can happen. and that is how it is in my head.). 

The movie was great, lost of action and blood shed, left turn plot twist which was much appreciated. Awesome cast! because John Hurt the voice of many wise dragons and even wisest story tellers is in it. So go watch it and if you have already then watch it again because it was a great film. 


One Response to “Movie Review: Hercules”

  1. maughams August 10, 2014 at 4:28 am #

    Yeah, if there’s a movie out that you want to see, you pretty much have to see it immediately because it will probably be gone the next week. :\

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