Movie Review: Nymph

10 Aug

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Did you like The Little Mermaid? well this is nothing like it. And well I am not sure I have good reviews for this one it leaned to the side of awkward in many scenes and left me with a lot of second hand embarrassment. 


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The movie is sort of centered around two best friends who travel to an Island where people are reported missing with frequency. Just to add a bit of variety bikinis are often worn (like any other vacation movies) and the girls move around in slow motion.  

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The group makes it to the island where they find the cause of all of the disappearances, and like in any good mystery the group divides (just like they do in Scooby Doo).  

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This movie contains a person warning the group not to, infidelity, a man with a hook (literally a hook being dragged around to make that extra scary hook noise), and people being chopped up or eaten. The mermaid is an extra in the scary movie trope list. 

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Actually I would have to say the mermaid was by far the best actor, some of the characters did not do so well with the lines and part of the time pretending to be american was just not enough. Even the boob scene was a bit on the bring side, but if you are looking for something to watch Here is the trailer 



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