Movie Review: The Demon’s Rook

10 Aug



So during my vacation I went to the Bucheon film festival in Seoul, I learned two things on this was a great idea and two South Koreans do not get American movie humor (it was like watching a rated R movie with your up-tight grandmother).

images (1)


If you are in the mood for a gory yet fun Halloween movie to watch while drunk or maybe even high, look no further. This was the best movie of the day (mainly because if reminded me of movies you watch with your friends) and also because if had amazing effects and a killer concert scene.

download (1)

It had everything a movie needs really, demons, zombies, people camping, concerts, girls with guns, people under mind control, and nakedness. 


images (2)


The costumes were legit, specially since they did zombies during the day time which is hard to do really. The blood spatter was awesome and above all this movie seemed to have been done with tons of love, which showed at every second. 


images (3)


The costumes and make-up man they were amazing!

My only criticism was that in one nakedness scene the girls just took off the top layer of clothing and seemed to not had been wearing any underwear which I know why they did that (for the sake of time, underwear takes time to remove, but they were clearly wearing bras before). But really it is just one f the things I criticize about a lot of movies anyways because bras make boobs look  a certain way and un-bra boobs on movies seem to be magical. 

Anyways (aside from my boob/bra ranting) the movie was great I recommend it and I will leave a trailer for you. so click it!

Have fun!



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