Movie Review: When Animals Dream

10 Aug

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This is a movie from Denmark, I really liked it.

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This is a bout a typical girl who lives in a quiet coastal town.

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In Denmark of course, and she meets a boy who falls in-love with her.

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This girl then realizes that she like her mother (who she thought had a debilitating disease) is going to turn into a werewolf. Which gives births to one if not the best pick-up line ever “I am going to turn into a wild animal but before I do I must have as much sex as possible”. It may only work for girls though (sorry dudes but you do not have the best track record of non-violence as a population). 

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Girl is the persecuted for being a monster and well the rest is in the movie. The trailer so click it!

The make up for this was great, and so was the acting may I add! This was also a very well done lady werewolf, of which we do not see often so it is worth supporting this movie and the lady werewolfs that may come in the future.


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