Doctor Who: Into The Dalek

31 Aug


This week on Doctor Who! (the episode should be called Honey I shrunk the Doctor). The Doctor goes to the future where once again the human race is battling it out with the Dalek (because well the Dalek just want to ‘EXTERMINATE!’ and humans just don’t want that). He meets the war raised Journey Blue (that is her name and what an awesome name to have, and I am sure her parents were Hippies).


Just to show the old-maness of the Doctor he does the (you have to say please if you want anything out of me thing). Which Journey eventually gets even though she probably thinks she is a grown-ass-woman and should not be treated as a child (but not of that would happen if you had been polite in the first place Journey…).

The Doctor goes back to get Clara at the school where we get a first glance at Mr. Pink Clara’s coworker (also a soldier who seems to have a touchy past and everyone seems to think of him as a lady killer. Which he denies and frankly I believe him.).


Best quote award goes to “Don’t be Lasagna” (as you may have already witness if you also surf the tumblr verse, it is everywhere now) Which is basically uttered before the shrinking process, so the Doctor can go into a Dalek and repair it.


As with everything Dalek, the Doctor gets that anger/depression thing going on that often has shown to stretch the limits of the companions’ patience and in this particular case he gets slapped by Clara.


Meanwhile we get to see a bit more of Missy in “heaven”? (it seems like this is the place people who have died because of the doctor go to. So maybe it is like heaven and Missy is just to give emotional support and debrief them of their experience.)


Ok so essentially what was wrong with the Dalek was that he had become aware that human life will not yield to the Dalek desire and would forever continue to exist. This momentarily made the Dalek ‘good’ if still had the ‘Exterminate” impulse but as you can see it is not in all-caps. Once he is repaired however the ‘EXTERMNATE’ feelings come back and well he is all dalekei again. The situation gets solved by resurfacing memories in the Dalek, which is a teaching moment in Dalek brain function (pay attention Kids!). Finally our Dalek saves the human spaceship and all is alright.


Best moment the gif. above. We kept hearing how the Doctor would make a good Dalek (much like how Harry Potter would have been a great Slytherin? yeah). But in this instant the Dalek refers to the doctor a good (as in you are inherently good being) Dalek. Which frankly nearly made me cry tear (all the feels were felt).


And the Doctor felt all the feels as well.


Ok so my brain inner workings on this one. I think that the show is pushing to be like the original, we start with the intro alone is more of a trow back than original pepsi. We have an older Doctor, who’s companion is a teacher (just like in the olden times? remember? or remember watching classic Who?). There were actually some learning moments, in this episode mainly about the brain, and inactive service-people sensitivity. Clara did a bit more she is still treated like a child at times and the Doctor treat her like a parent that thinks she is getting to old to catch herself a husband, but then again he gives her anti-compliments. SO  essentially one of those parents who bad-mouths you in front of you but praises you behind your back.

What do you think the deal with Missy is is she the Debriefing department of Time Lords? is she just there to be crazy and then hit the Doctor with survivor’s guilt? or is she actually his girlfriend? Also is Clara improving as a character or was it just wishful thinking and the fact the she slapped the Doctor.

Enjoy the episode!!


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