Adventures in South Korea?

1 Sep


Boredom has once again become my worst enemy!, and what is a person who gets bored easily to do? 

Well I started out baking, my apartment did not come with an oven but because foreign English teachers are constantly changing, I was able to get a toaster oven for about ten US dollars. 

So I do what I do when I get bored or stressed and I baked, luckily there was an event and I was able to give my freshly baked cookies homes to be digested in. but after the second dozen tiny jam cookie I realized that I either need more friends to give the cookies to or I would end up gaining all of the weight in the world! (yes physics people I am exaggerating here)

Right being the nerd I am, I have tried to put my efforts to Doctor Who, since it has started and you know there is also work. But I have this immense amount of alone time (don’t get me wrong I like alone time, I crave alone time specially when other people are around).But some times it feels like an outside force enforces the alone time I that I get, and as anyone who has read the Empirical studies on people and aloe time can tell you, the choice to be alone is way different than being force to be alone. which makes people use electrical shocks to dull out the boredom of forced alone time.

Anyways I have taken up origami (I have made a center piece out of paper cranes), SO now I have combined the cookie making with the origami and the result were the pictures below.
20140831_094700 20140831_094714 20140831_094723 20140831_094737 20140831_094753


If you are at all interested on the cookie recipe or origami tutorials let me know ( I really recommend the cookies and if you are a food person I am thinking butterbeer cupcakes to come, assuming I find all of the ingredients in South Korea)


Till next Saturday or when ever I have more to write about!


One Response to “Adventures in South Korea?”

  1. maughams September 5, 2014 at 7:50 pm #

    I can vouch for the deliciousness of those cookies. Thanks again!

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