Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood A review

7 Sep






It is another day For Doctor Who!!!

This time the doctor travels to Sherwood in search of Robin Hood at Clara’s request (as a Robin Hood Enthusiast myself I get that). The Doctor o the other hand does not seem to be too keen on meeting Robin Hood, because he thinks that he is just a legend (as anyone who was ever told that out favorite fictional characters are not real, the Doctor’s reaction hurt me just enough) but he gives in and takes the T.A.R.D.I.S. to Sherwood. Where some one takes an arrow to the T.A.R.D.I.S. which is something no living thing should ever do.



Look at the anger in the eyes! However we do find that Robin Hood is in fact real and, well a bit of an ass. 

The two egos (both the Doctor’s and Robin’s) do not mash well together after all both of them are legends in their own rights. But the Doctor really Dislikes him (I am willing to bet it is because of the T.A.R.D.I.S.).






You do not mess with the T.A.R.D.I.S. and not get some sort of Fuck you response (it is a living thing and has been the one constant in the Doctor’s life that was not loneliness).tumblr_nbidc2tniY1rlr2dlo1_250

So we got a good Capaldi response to the disresect to the T.A.R.D.I.S. maybe? (I am not sure if that flip off was intentional or not, and well only Capaldi and Mark Gatiss would know)

tumblr_nbidc2tniY1rlr2dlo3_250    Aside from that we see impressive spoonmanship from the Doctor as he duel Robin Hood for the T.A.R.D.I.S. (which as a fencer was nice to watch).tumblr_nbiewvncK11qekx3go2_500

The feud did not end up there, because as I said earlier, their egos and ever increasing sadness prevents them from truly acting sad.


When the Doctor, Robin and Clara get arrested, It is Clara that gets thought of as the leader, because the Doctor and Robin continued to act as little children (which is how the Doctor usually acts but he is almost always surrounded by people who want to appear more grown up).


In this story is the lovely maid Marian that helps the Doctor defeat the robot knights (right I forgot to mention robot knights of which I have not been able to find pictures).    tumblr_nbilzoSzwY1qm1x8bo1_250

The robot knight ended up on Earth while looking for the promised land (remember way back to the first episode? yeah it appears to be where mysterious Missy is, and she does not appear in this episode but she will be back). Their plan was to gather enough gold to rebuild their engines and be able to go to this promised land, which is why the sheriff kept stealing form the people.


Lets talk about the episode now, I thought it was nice again as a Robin Hood fan I was on board. I think that Clara is becoming a stronger character, more wit and over all strength was shown in this episode (the Writer was Mark Gatiss, Thank you sir for that strong female presence) maid Marian was also a lovely touch as a female character with gumption. I thing the theme of this season and perhaps the presence of this Doctor will be ‘The Promised Land’. Not sure what that means yet but it is exiting to know that the day is approaching when it will all make sense. The Doctor is angrier yet softening up as we go, and he even made amends with Robin and he even found common ground with hims at the end of the adventure.


So farewell and see you one the Next Doctor Who Episode which promises to be a scary one!


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