Lucy A Review

7 Sep


This weekend I went to see Lucy, you Know a girl who is studying abroad in Taiwan, and dates the wrong guy who makes her deliver a case full of a drug. Which land her as a prisoner of the Korean drug lord (which I noticed because being in Korea that did not really get translated). Anyway they end up putting the drug inside her body. The bag of drugs burst inside of her which then goes straight to her blood stream giving her special abilities. The entire premise of the movie is based on how humans only use about 10 percent of their mental capacity (not true btw). 


SO first of all lets talk about the awfulness of having someone tamper with your body, without your consent it has to be horrible.


Then mostly because she was a woman, she is sexually harassed and when she does not allow that to continue she is hit and kicked which leads the bag of drugs in her body to break. Giving her the ability to control matter.

Now to me in the beginning she sort of gets elvish eyesight and hearing at supposedly 15% brain capacity.


Then at 45% or so she is ale to see radio waves, just like in Alphas! (remember Gary Bell?)


Nearing 70% she can manipulate matter and move people around (this also compromises her corporal integrity which makes her into a bit of an addict of the drug in her system).

Fianly when she nears 100% she sort of turns into a time lord because she is able to understand all of time and space (she actually travels through time!)

Ok so now my thoughts on the movie I already said that well, humans do use all of our brain capacity. Now 100% of our neurons firing all at once well then you get an epileptic episode which is not desirable.  Second The national geographic images through out the movie, did not help the movie. While they were in part related to the subject in that precise moment they seemed like filler. But mainly the fact that Hollywood is again telling people we only use just part of our brain (please look it up).

I liked how Scarlett Johansson acted for this role. This kind of movie has been done with a man being the one that takes the drug (limitless) but because of what she experienced before the drug entered her system, she acted in a more cold and calculated way. This could also be to the fact that intelligence is often linked with logic, so if you are logical about things you are less likely to freak out or do stupid things. Yeah she looses part of her humanity (needing to take in a companion to help her remember) but it is a lonely world when others do not understand what you understand. Morgan Freeman as always it is just good to hear his voice. 

Another issue I had with this movie is the whole drug lord vs. interpol was a bit ridiculous. No police officer noticed that there were people pulling out bazookas from their car trunks?  Did they not have bullet prove bests? why were there so few policemen? Just saying people are pulling out weapons near a university campus, someone should do something. Specially after the hospital has been attacked by men in suits.

I enjoyed this movie because it had a strong female character, and it did not end up as a romance and also because we need more diversity in science fiction.




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