Doctor Who, Listen : A Review

14 Sep


Alright Happy Doctor Who day!

So this week on Doctor Who, we get a bit of the scary factor, What is under your bed and are truly alone? (well are you? do you you really talk to yourself or do you subconsciously know there is something or someone else with you?)


Despite that Clara and Mr. Pink get to know each other better (which is really nice I like Mr. Pink). But we also see a line previously used in a certain Movie?


The focus of the story is a common dream that people have, which is having something under the bed (and I can say that the fear is real for a your person).


While trying to get into Clara’s past she gets distracted and they end up in Mr. Pink’s past and we get to see him as a little kid afraid of monsters under the bed.


As they are able to physically see that there is in fact something in the room, Clara then attempts to calm the your Mr. Pink (Danny) down with a brave soldier that does not need a gun to protect people.


Meanwhile the Doctor shows off his awesome dad skills.



The travels through Clara’s and Danny’s time lines continues as they go to the end of the universe and find that perhaps all that is left is the monster under the bed.




What I though about this episode: I think that it is an awesome concept it puts it right up there with the silence and the weeping angels. (Can you remember that fear that made you hide under the covers because that would make you safe?). It was a great monster but again it deteriorated into a very happy dandy episode. Where Clara is happy and the Doctor is left in a bitter state (don’t get me wrong I like the bitterness of the Doctor but the episode did not go the way that could have made for a great episode). There is the initial idea that the best organism at hiding could never possible be found (which makes plenty of truth, how would you know?)

Moffat, made a great monster but then and this may be spoiler alert for some so look away:

Clara turns out to be the monster that the doctor experienced as a boy. However if it was indeed Clara that how could you explain the other people having the same dream, this monster lost it’s structural integrity before the episode ended. At least with the silence and the angles it took a bit more time for them to loose their bay to great Doctor monsters.

With that though I wonder if they will be brought back as a bigger part of the story or if they in fact tie into the story at all and were not just created for filler.

A potential Spoiler again!!

I think that Mr. Pink will become a companion soon and while the Doctor has demonstrated some fatherly concern for Clara dating, will that be an issue? Well it is not like this will not be a long romantic relationship between Clara and Danny.

The next episode will be a fun one surely as most heists tend to be, but we will see.

For now I leave you with a moment of Doctor Who zen.



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