Doctor Who, Time Heist A Review

22 Sep

Another Doctor Who episode has come!


This week on Doctor Who, the Doctor is asked to rob the biggest and most secure bank in the galaxy (so Ocean’s eleven but way better right?)


Essentially, just like Ocean’s eleven, except that you know the Doctor and Clara get paired up with a human mutant and an augmented human. How cool is that! And Saibra gives us all of the feels we got with Rogue (the comic book/animated x-men Rogue not the movie Rogue). Psi well he is just as cool as Saibra because he can connect to computers (could you imagine being a gamer with that?).


The team has no recollection of having signed on for the mission except for the fact that their recorded voices say they do and the architect who is giving them the orders. The Doctor of course takes charge and because of his eyebrows, names the team (which I think may even win over team free will).


Saibra and Psi acted too cool for it but, all of us reacted like Clara.


Ok so Sabria gets trapped and taken apart so her brain does not scrambled (sorry I can’t explain this any better in my head it makes sense, and just watch the show) by the Teller (a monster that can focus on people’s guilt and then eat their brains sort of, using telepathy). Psi becomes a Thief/hacker to hero story when he offers himself up to the beast to save Clara (because he is cool).


At the end of it all the Doctor discovers the whole thing as he often does and it all makes sense!


And it ends up being awesome, like really awesome.


 ok my thoughts come with Spoiler alerts so look away now if your want to be safe from spoilers!


Right, so this episode was good because well the fact that it is a heist makes it all awesome. I have a soft spot for those heist, that while I would not like people to steal my money (not that there is much to steal anyways) I do like a bunch of misfits getting together and outsmarting the powerful.

The second reason this episode is awesome is because of a monster love story (and Doctor who has done well by this small genre that is monster love stories). Who does not like two monsters who are in love and would do anything for each other (and maybe this is just the romantic in me but I appreciate them) so thank you Steve Thompson and Steven Moffat for this monster love story.

Next week’s episode also seems awesome because the Doctor is still not too cool for school and well it looks like Mr. Pink might get to know the Doctor soon and we will see how this will turn out (because lets face it the Doctor is that over protective family member to Clara now and well he might not like the people she dates, which can be a bummer. I am not sure How to feel about this though. I don’t think the Doctor should be making those kind of calls but then again maybe he has?

We will see what happens next week.


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