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Kingsman: The Secret service

15 Mar

So, apologies for not writing in so long somehow I managed to get a life for a bit there. This weekend among other things I went to watch Kingsman: The secret Service. And I thought it was awesome!! This movie is part “Red” and part “Ecpendables” which makes it into my top 20 most awesome movies.


Right so the main idea is that a vacant spot in a super secret organization is opened and a not-exactly-gentleman-material kid is given the opportunity to take part in a competition to take the vacant spot.



The movie is also awesome due to the introduction of puppies who become a part of the recruits’ training.


All of the agents have names belonging to Arthurian legend which is fitting since the agency is based in the UK.


Colin Firth takes the alias of Sir Galahad and he shows how much of a badass he really is. (let me just say that to me he was the main reason to watch this movie)


Then there is Merlin, he is pretty much like the real Merlin a magician of our modern time and therefore a hacker for the organization. He demonstrates wisdom and is the one in charge of the recruits. Much like how it would have gone down in Arthurian legend (I’m sure of it).


Not only is this movie awesome and violent it also has multi-layered characters, For instance The villain while (like most villains) driven by the destruction of the world as we know it; is afraid (or more like gets queasy) at the sight of blood. His main henchperson is a disabled woman with lethal swords for feet (which is awesome because we all know there is an under-representation of anything other than white males in the industry) and is insanely good at killing with them.


I would like to give some time to Roxy, who is not a romantic interest at all (even though based on many, many films she would have been a romantic interest for the lead actor). She is just a woman deserving of the tittle kingsman, and is not used as a prop because she is a beautiful woman who can use weapons.

Needless to say I did enjoy this film and I am glad that while it had it’s spy movie moments it gave us all good looking men in well tailored suits, great acting and puppies.