Adventures in South Korea Japan Edition: Osaka

6 Apr


So for my winter vacation (from being an ESL teacher in South Korea) I went with the cheapest air fair available to me (not that Japan was not in my visit and visit again list). The first spot in my week was Osaka.


The morning in Osaka was great, We went to Tenjibashi, where a market is set up and with market comes street food!!


The market has a blend as almost everything in Japan of old and new things just trying to make their way into the world.


If you come to this area as well as many areas of Osaka you have to come hungry, because takoyaki does not come in less that half a dozen (big deal considering that I had had a meal prior to entering this awesome land of street food, a repeating mistake I made through out my entire stay in Japan).


Ok of the picture above I want you to focus on the rectangular containers with aluminum foil (do you see them?) they contain an onigiri like no other I have ever tasted. This is rice wrapped in bacon (and I would travel back to Osaka just for it).


Now to the Owl cafe (because owls are awesome)


I cannot stress the importance of getting here early or having an extra hour to spare (do not under estimate the cuteness of owls) This place takes a limited amount of costumers per hour. Naturally this is to be able to train people on the art holding and petting an owl (since the normal response is to cuddle with one). There will be a waiting list and you should have your name or the name of your party be put down then take some time and enjoy the street food previously discussed.







All the owl are super cute follow the instruction and remember you are here for the owl not the beverages.


About half a block from the Family Owl Cafe in the direction of where the bacon onigiri is you will see a temple looking building to your right. I went there while preparations for the New Year were being made so the place was almost empty (not sure it that is the usual state)






In any case it is something to experience and it was free.


After this I went tot the Osaka palace. I went in through the park (which makes you feel like you have to find and rescue a member of the royal family since you are making your way through a dark forest to get to a palace).



There will always be picture of random animals in all of these get used to it.


The views are awesome because it again allows you to see the contrast between the new and the old.


Make sure you walk every single walk-able part of the grounds because you may never know, also I again because of the New Year the palace was close and an inside tour was not an option.




Finally the night led me to Dotonbori street, where again I found street food I was too full to eat (darn bad timing of nourishment consumption)




Because it bagan to rain and all of the people were out there with umbrellas I felt like I had been thrown in to Blade Runner or a Hiroshige painting



I did manage to have takoyaki which was really good (this coming from a person who does not eat much sea food by choice).


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