Adventures in South Korea: Jinhae (The Cherry Blossom Festival)

7 Apr

It is spring in South Korea and that means cherry blossom time! So I went to Jinhae to go to the famous cherry blossom festival held every year. This is serious business (you know how in the fall pumpkin everything hits the United States? Cherry blossom everything hits Jinhae). I had cherry blossom cookies, chocolate, late, lemonade, bread, swiss rolls, macaroons (actually they ran out of macaroons, but they looked pink and really goo!) and tons of cherry blossom trees in full bloom.


But the story is not all cherry blossom color. At the beginning of out journey from Busan (Heundae to be exact) to Jinhae we were a group full of hope ready to see the cherry blossoms and dressed for a nice warm spring time day. The picture below is of us standing in a bus of a trip that takes an hour (yeah we knew this when they asked us if anyone wanted to stand on the bus, we also saw that the line to get on the bus was about the size of a Harry Potter premier). So we got on the bus and tried not to fall on any Koreans.


Jinhae was all that we expected there were cherry blossoms in every direction and it all looked gorgeous.





There was even some naked ladies art which seem a lot more artsy as it was surrounded by cherry blossoms,



Then the rain started being from Portland it did not bother me and we were in line to get some of the cherry blossom everything I mentioned earlier. However we did run into some trouble getting a bus back to Busan as about a million people (and I am not exaggerating here, that is roughly how many people go to this festival also tried to get back to Busan). As my friends and I separated to get into the ticket buying line and a getting into a bus line both lines were the equivalent of a city block (unless you count the line for getting seats in the bus line in which case that would take over two city blocks)


The line never changed size even before we got into the bus it just kept growing as people desperate to leave kept buying tickets and standing on either one of the two lines and buses kept rushing in and taking as many people as they could back to Busan. As my friend Jennifer put it it felt like being in the movie Titanic because there was water everywhere, we were soaking wet (as you may recall we were dressed for a warm spring day and an umbrella was ever so under appreciated at the beginning of the day and then they were sold out in all of Jinhae) and we just wanted to board a mode of transportation to dry land.


So we finally did make it into a bus after maybe three hours of standing in the rain with no rain gear for about three hours (I was unable to move my hands or feel my fingers or toes). As we were on the standing line there were no seats for us except they did miss an empty sit which was able to take and then just fall asleep for a big chuck of the way back to Busan.


Moral of the story if the rainy season is anywhere near, TAKE AN UMBRELLA or at least a rain jacket. If you arrive at a bus station and there is a line of about forty people waiting to get on the next bus (because the current bus is full and leaving) buy tickets right there and then. And one last thing tights are awesome and they dry quickly (unless the rest of your clothes is completely drenched in which case your tights will dry and remain wet at the same time) but do not sit on the train or next to people because you will get them wet also (because osmosis and your clothes are probably saturated with water). The last picture is of my camera fogging up due to all the moisture in the bus.


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