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Adventures in South Korea: The Immigration’s Office *YAY*

24 Jul

So Earlier this week I moved to Bundang, from the beautiful Samcheok in hopes to be closer to the Airport. Which I am (except for a week I am in a Motel while housing gets cleared out). Anyway, my visa did this thing that it expired (and the people that should have payed some attention to it didn’t) so I went to the immigration office near the Mokdong station. A lot of standing in lines and waiting for a number to appear in the tiny screen above the immigration officers. The filling out of forms that reminds me I still don’t know my own phone number (yeah it’s a thing, I do I just carry pieces of paper with my number on it or just do the whole phone status in the settings). Finally I got to an immigration officer and she was the nicest (partly because I only let my visa go over by a day…so kids don’t wait for stuff like that).

I payed the money which included 60,000 won for the stamps, and the fine for letting my visa expire which is a sum amount of money daily. Then it was all solved and a happy ending while I took several trains back to work and all was well in my world at least.

A South Korea Soju story

18 Jul


Drinks: peach ice tea and Red soju  name: Peach Beach Please!

Breakfast of an extended sleepover

18 Jul


What was in it? In the hash there was potatoes, bell pepper, onion, cheddar sausages and bacon.
Scrambled eggs, avocado and toast.

Adventures in South Korea: Mexican Food in Gangwondo

16 Jul

This is something new I’m trying out. I have been in South Korea for for a year and some change and I have come to appreciate that there is a lot of diversity in food back home. So for those of you like me crave a burrito but are not near Seoul I have searched out places in other provinces.

We start with Golondrina a Mexican/Peruvian restaurant in Gangneung (Golondrina Restaurant). They are mostly about the Mexican food though I have been promised Peruvian food for the Week of Peruvian Independence day. So all of you who are near watch out!DSC_0248[1]

I have had the chicken taco which was really well seasoned and even though it was in a flour tortilla you still got a bit of the street taco feel.


Nacho! because why would you order anything else really. This had all the bits you were missing after some time away from tex-mex.


I apologize for this picture we forgot I was taking pictures and savagely attacked this poor Atun con Chipotle (Chipotle tuna salad).
Other dishes I ate without thinking of taking a picture and therefore deserve a minute of silence are: The house burrito (it never stood a chance), The cheese taquitos (they were made with corn tortillas and had fresh pico de gallo)

Anyway have a good time wherever you are and may good restaurants find you.

After a Year in Korea

13 Jul

So I have officially been in Korea for one year and 17 days. My year mark came and went on the 22nd of July. I would have to say it has been an interesting experience, I met a lot of very interesting people even while staying in a small town like Samcheok. I said goodbye to my students and they were adorable till the end. Sadly I failed at turning them into Ninjas/spies but you know they got pretty close. The winter is Samcheok was deadly mainly because I got sick and Bronchitis does not pair well with freezing temperatures, but everyone else did not have the same problem so I feel that was mostly me. I had some great fun and enjoyed all the work I put into my lessons as well as all the conversations I got to both hear and be a part of. I will miss all the people I have met (with the exception of one person and they don’t know who they are).This is a check in WordPress more stuff to follow as I have time off and will be able to write more or at least fix my pictures situation.