After a Year in Korea

13 Jul

So I have officially been in Korea for one year and 17 days. My year mark came and went on the 22nd of July. I would have to say it has been an interesting experience, I met a lot of very interesting people even while staying in a small town like Samcheok. I said goodbye to my students and they were adorable till the end. Sadly I failed at turning them into Ninjas/spies but you know they got pretty close. The winter is Samcheok was deadly mainly because I got sick and Bronchitis does not pair well with freezing temperatures, but everyone else did not have the same problem so I feel that was mostly me. I had some great fun and enjoyed all the work I put into my lessons as well as all the conversations I got to both hear and be a part of. I will miss all the people I have met (with the exception of one person and they don’t know who they are).This is a check in WordPress more stuff to follow as I have time off and will be able to write more or at least fix my pictures situation.


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