Adventures in South Korea: The Immigration’s Office *YAY*

24 Jul

So Earlier this week I moved to Bundang, from the beautiful Samcheok in hopes to be closer to the Airport. Which I am (except for a week I am in a Motel while housing gets cleared out). Anyway, my visa did this thing that it expired (and the people that should have payed some attention to it didn’t) so I went to the immigration office near the Mokdong station. A lot of standing in lines and waiting for a number to appear in the tiny screen above the immigration officers. The filling out of forms that reminds me I still don’t know my own phone number (yeah it’s a thing, I do I just carry pieces of paper with my number on it or just do the whole phone status in the settings). Finally I got to an immigration officer and she was the nicest (partly because I only let my visa go over by a day…so kids don’t wait for stuff like that).

I payed the money which included 60,000 won for the stamps, and the fine for letting my visa expire which is a sum amount of money daily. Then it was all solved and a happy ending while I took several trains back to work and all was well in my world at least.

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