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Avengers Age of Ultron: A Review

26 Apr

Because I live in South Korea I got to watch Avengers Age of Ultron in Theatres! (well it acctually was out like three days ago here but you know I work).


Apparently South Korea gave the movie a money boost in order for Seoul to be featured in the movie (so this is me telling you that the place where a pretty big fight scene takes place is Seoul). This is why you get to see the Han river (if you have ever watched any Korean dramas you will know) and all the people and structures.


So back to the movie it was really well done, the color and all the effects are amazing! Looks at how they fly together it is all very artistic and you have to appreciate it.


The amount of action and brutality does not hurt either it was a great action film. There were moments where the team talks about their feeling and (OMG Bruce and Natasha are a great pair!) The Hulk has a calming down technique developed by Black Widow. Which comes a bit out of left field because well who saw that coming, right?


Pietro and The Scarlet witch who at the beginning are against the Avengers but later see things clearly in a way are super awesome, and good casting in my opinion because while The Scarlet Witch is awesome we all know she has twisted scared child side to her that Elizabeth Olsen portrayed.


After some in-team fighting as it often happens and Thor going to so god-like things (as is his thing to be the god of thunder), the team with the help of their Linchpin Nick Fury get back together and form a plan. Which works and they get the help from the Scarlet With and Quick Silver on the way. They also get help from a new superhero which has been dusted off the Marvel wall and made a large contribution to the Young Avengers along with Wanda (I am trying to give clues without giving away spoilers of the movie because it has not been out everywhere else yet). But if you are a follower of the Avengers or Young Avengers comic series you will be happy and will promptly hard-core nerd-out!

It was worth the three year wait, and I can’t wait for more Marvel movies!