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Doctor Who, Time Heist A Review

22 Sep

Another Doctor Who episode has come!


This week on Doctor Who, the Doctor is asked to rob the biggest and most secure bank in the galaxy (so Ocean’s eleven but way better right?)


Essentially, just like Ocean’s eleven, except that you know the Doctor and Clara get paired up with a human mutant and an augmented human. How cool is that! And Saibra gives us all of the feels we got with Rogue (the comic book/animated x-men Rogue not the movie Rogue). Psi well he is just as cool as Saibra because he can connect to computers (could you imagine being a gamer with that?).


The team has no recollection of having signed on for the mission except for the fact that their recorded voices say they do and the architect who is giving them the orders. The Doctor of course takes charge and because of his eyebrows, names the team (which I think may even win over team free will).


Saibra and Psi acted too cool for it but, all of us reacted like Clara.


Ok so Sabria gets trapped and taken apart so her brain does not scrambled (sorry I can’t explain this any better in my head it makes sense, and just watch the show) by the Teller (a monster that can focus on people’s guilt and then eat their brains sort of, using telepathy). Psi becomes a Thief/hacker to hero story when he offers himself up to the beast to save Clara (because he is cool).


At the end of it all the Doctor discovers the whole thing as he often does and it all makes sense!


And it ends up being awesome, like really awesome.


 ok my thoughts come with Spoiler alerts so look away now if your want to be safe from spoilers!


Right, so this episode was good because well the fact that it is a heist makes it all awesome. I have a soft spot for those heist, that while I would not like people to steal my money (not that there is much to steal anyways) I do like a bunch of misfits getting together and outsmarting the powerful.

The second reason this episode is awesome is because of a monster love story (and Doctor who has done well by this small genre that is monster love stories). Who does not like two monsters who are in love and would do anything for each other (and maybe this is just the romantic in me but I appreciate them) so thank you Steve Thompson and Steven Moffat for this monster love story.

Next week’s episode also seems awesome because the Doctor is still not too cool for school and well it looks like Mr. Pink might get to know the Doctor soon and we will see how this will turn out (because lets face it the Doctor is that over protective family member to Clara now and well he might not like the people she dates, which can be a bummer. I am not sure How to feel about this though. I don’t think the Doctor should be making those kind of calls but then again maybe he has?

We will see what happens next week.

Doctor Who, Listen : A Review

14 Sep


Alright Happy Doctor Who day!

So this week on Doctor Who, we get a bit of the scary factor, What is under your bed and are truly alone? (well are you? do you you really talk to yourself or do you subconsciously know there is something or someone else with you?)


Despite that Clara and Mr. Pink get to know each other better (which is really nice I like Mr. Pink). But we also see a line previously used in a certain Movie?


The focus of the story is a common dream that people have, which is having something under the bed (and I can say that the fear is real for a your person).


While trying to get into Clara’s past she gets distracted and they end up in Mr. Pink’s past and we get to see him as a little kid afraid of monsters under the bed.


As they are able to physically see that there is in fact something in the room, Clara then attempts to calm the your Mr. Pink (Danny) down with a brave soldier that does not need a gun to protect people.


Meanwhile the Doctor shows off his awesome dad skills.



The travels through Clara’s and Danny’s time lines continues as they go to the end of the universe and find that perhaps all that is left is the monster under the bed.




What I though about this episode: I think that it is an awesome concept it puts it right up there with the silence and the weeping angels. (Can you remember that fear that made you hide under the covers because that would make you safe?). It was a great monster but again it deteriorated into a very happy dandy episode. Where Clara is happy and the Doctor is left in a bitter state (don’t get me wrong I like the bitterness of the Doctor but the episode did not go the way that could have made for a great episode). There is the initial idea that the best organism at hiding could never possible be found (which makes plenty of truth, how would you know?)

Moffat, made a great monster but then and this may be spoiler alert for some so look away:

Clara turns out to be the monster that the doctor experienced as a boy. However if it was indeed Clara that how could you explain the other people having the same dream, this monster lost it’s structural integrity before the episode ended. At least with the silence and the angles it took a bit more time for them to loose their bay to great Doctor monsters.

With that though I wonder if they will be brought back as a bigger part of the story or if they in fact tie into the story at all and were not just created for filler.

A potential Spoiler again!!

I think that Mr. Pink will become a companion soon and while the Doctor has demonstrated some fatherly concern for Clara dating, will that be an issue? Well it is not like this will not be a long romantic relationship between Clara and Danny.

The next episode will be a fun one surely as most heists tend to be, but we will see.

For now I leave you with a moment of Doctor Who zen.


Lucy A Review

7 Sep


This weekend I went to see Lucy, you Know a girl who is studying abroad in Taiwan, and dates the wrong guy who makes her deliver a case full of a drug. Which land her as a prisoner of the Korean drug lord (which I noticed because being in Korea that did not really get translated). Anyway they end up putting the drug inside her body. The bag of drugs burst inside of her which then goes straight to her blood stream giving her special abilities. The entire premise of the movie is based on how humans only use about 10 percent of their mental capacity (not true btw). 


SO first of all lets talk about the awfulness of having someone tamper with your body, without your consent it has to be horrible.


Then mostly because she was a woman, she is sexually harassed and when she does not allow that to continue she is hit and kicked which leads the bag of drugs in her body to break. Giving her the ability to control matter.

Now to me in the beginning she sort of gets elvish eyesight and hearing at supposedly 15% brain capacity.


Then at 45% or so she is ale to see radio waves, just like in Alphas! (remember Gary Bell?)


Nearing 70% she can manipulate matter and move people around (this also compromises her corporal integrity which makes her into a bit of an addict of the drug in her system).

Fianly when she nears 100% she sort of turns into a time lord because she is able to understand all of time and space (she actually travels through time!)

Ok so now my thoughts on the movie I already said that well, humans do use all of our brain capacity. Now 100% of our neurons firing all at once well then you get an epileptic episode which is not desirable.  Second The national geographic images through out the movie, did not help the movie. While they were in part related to the subject in that precise moment they seemed like filler. But mainly the fact that Hollywood is again telling people we only use just part of our brain (please look it up).

I liked how Scarlett Johansson acted for this role. This kind of movie has been done with a man being the one that takes the drug (limitless) but because of what she experienced before the drug entered her system, she acted in a more cold and calculated way. This could also be to the fact that intelligence is often linked with logic, so if you are logical about things you are less likely to freak out or do stupid things. Yeah she looses part of her humanity (needing to take in a companion to help her remember) but it is a lonely world when others do not understand what you understand. Morgan Freeman as always it is just good to hear his voice. 

Another issue I had with this movie is the whole drug lord vs. interpol was a bit ridiculous. No police officer noticed that there were people pulling out bazookas from their car trunks?  Did they not have bullet prove bests? why were there so few policemen? Just saying people are pulling out weapons near a university campus, someone should do something. Specially after the hospital has been attacked by men in suits.

I enjoyed this movie because it had a strong female character, and it did not end up as a romance and also because we need more diversity in science fiction.



Doctor Who: Robot of Sherwood A review

7 Sep






It is another day For Doctor Who!!!

This time the doctor travels to Sherwood in search of Robin Hood at Clara’s request (as a Robin Hood Enthusiast myself I get that). The Doctor o the other hand does not seem to be too keen on meeting Robin Hood, because he thinks that he is just a legend (as anyone who was ever told that out favorite fictional characters are not real, the Doctor’s reaction hurt me just enough) but he gives in and takes the T.A.R.D.I.S. to Sherwood. Where some one takes an arrow to the T.A.R.D.I.S. which is something no living thing should ever do.



Look at the anger in the eyes! However we do find that Robin Hood is in fact real and, well a bit of an ass. 

The two egos (both the Doctor’s and Robin’s) do not mash well together after all both of them are legends in their own rights. But the Doctor really Dislikes him (I am willing to bet it is because of the T.A.R.D.I.S.).






You do not mess with the T.A.R.D.I.S. and not get some sort of Fuck you response (it is a living thing and has been the one constant in the Doctor’s life that was not loneliness).tumblr_nbidc2tniY1rlr2dlo1_250

So we got a good Capaldi response to the disresect to the T.A.R.D.I.S. maybe? (I am not sure if that flip off was intentional or not, and well only Capaldi and Mark Gatiss would know)

tumblr_nbidc2tniY1rlr2dlo3_250    Aside from that we see impressive spoonmanship from the Doctor as he duel Robin Hood for the T.A.R.D.I.S. (which as a fencer was nice to watch).tumblr_nbiewvncK11qekx3go2_500

The feud did not end up there, because as I said earlier, their egos and ever increasing sadness prevents them from truly acting sad.


When the Doctor, Robin and Clara get arrested, It is Clara that gets thought of as the leader, because the Doctor and Robin continued to act as little children (which is how the Doctor usually acts but he is almost always surrounded by people who want to appear more grown up).


In this story is the lovely maid Marian that helps the Doctor defeat the robot knights (right I forgot to mention robot knights of which I have not been able to find pictures).    tumblr_nbilzoSzwY1qm1x8bo1_250

The robot knight ended up on Earth while looking for the promised land (remember way back to the first episode? yeah it appears to be where mysterious Missy is, and she does not appear in this episode but she will be back). Their plan was to gather enough gold to rebuild their engines and be able to go to this promised land, which is why the sheriff kept stealing form the people.


Lets talk about the episode now, I thought it was nice again as a Robin Hood fan I was on board. I think that Clara is becoming a stronger character, more wit and over all strength was shown in this episode (the Writer was Mark Gatiss, Thank you sir for that strong female presence) maid Marian was also a lovely touch as a female character with gumption. I thing the theme of this season and perhaps the presence of this Doctor will be ‘The Promised Land’. Not sure what that means yet but it is exiting to know that the day is approaching when it will all make sense. The Doctor is angrier yet softening up as we go, and he even made amends with Robin and he even found common ground with hims at the end of the adventure.


So farewell and see you one the Next Doctor Who Episode which promises to be a scary one!

Doctor Who: Into The Dalek

31 Aug


This week on Doctor Who! (the episode should be called Honey I shrunk the Doctor). The Doctor goes to the future where once again the human race is battling it out with the Dalek (because well the Dalek just want to ‘EXTERMINATE!’ and humans just don’t want that). He meets the war raised Journey Blue (that is her name and what an awesome name to have, and I am sure her parents were Hippies).


Just to show the old-maness of the Doctor he does the (you have to say please if you want anything out of me thing). Which Journey eventually gets even though she probably thinks she is a grown-ass-woman and should not be treated as a child (but not of that would happen if you had been polite in the first place Journey…).

The Doctor goes back to get Clara at the school where we get a first glance at Mr. Pink Clara’s coworker (also a soldier who seems to have a touchy past and everyone seems to think of him as a lady killer. Which he denies and frankly I believe him.).


Best quote award goes to “Don’t be Lasagna” (as you may have already witness if you also surf the tumblr verse, it is everywhere now) Which is basically uttered before the shrinking process, so the Doctor can go into a Dalek and repair it.


As with everything Dalek, the Doctor gets that anger/depression thing going on that often has shown to stretch the limits of the companions’ patience and in this particular case he gets slapped by Clara.


Meanwhile we get to see a bit more of Missy in “heaven”? (it seems like this is the place people who have died because of the doctor go to. So maybe it is like heaven and Missy is just to give emotional support and debrief them of their experience.)


Ok so essentially what was wrong with the Dalek was that he had become aware that human life will not yield to the Dalek desire and would forever continue to exist. This momentarily made the Dalek ‘good’ if still had the ‘Exterminate” impulse but as you can see it is not in all-caps. Once he is repaired however the ‘EXTERMNATE’ feelings come back and well he is all dalekei again. The situation gets solved by resurfacing memories in the Dalek, which is a teaching moment in Dalek brain function (pay attention Kids!). Finally our Dalek saves the human spaceship and all is alright.


Best moment the gif. above. We kept hearing how the Doctor would make a good Dalek (much like how Harry Potter would have been a great Slytherin? yeah). But in this instant the Dalek refers to the doctor a good (as in you are inherently good being) Dalek. Which frankly nearly made me cry tear (all the feels were felt).


And the Doctor felt all the feels as well.


Ok so my brain inner workings on this one. I think that the show is pushing to be like the original, we start with the intro alone is more of a trow back than original pepsi. We have an older Doctor, who’s companion is a teacher (just like in the olden times? remember? or remember watching classic Who?). There were actually some learning moments, in this episode mainly about the brain, and inactive service-people sensitivity. Clara did a bit more she is still treated like a child at times and the Doctor treat her like a parent that thinks she is getting to old to catch herself a husband, but then again he gives her anti-compliments. SO  essentially one of those parents who bad-mouths you in front of you but praises you behind your back.

What do you think the deal with Missy is is she the Debriefing department of Time Lords? is she just there to be crazy and then hit the Doctor with survivor’s guilt? or is she actually his girlfriend? Also is Clara improving as a character or was it just wishful thinking and the fact the she slapped the Doctor.

Enjoy the episode!!

Doctor Who: Deep Breath a Review

24 Aug

Happy Doctor Who Day!!


Alright so that time has come again and while I am not happy with the writing, I could not keep myself from watching the first episode of Capaldi as the Doctor.


This episode takes us back to Victorian England, where Madame Vastra, Jenny and Strax help the doctor cope with his brand new vintage looking face.




First impression of this regeneration is the it started a bit on the the doctor may be really old and has to perhaps take a time to not appears as though he has Alzheimer. 




But every regeneration is different and the recuperation time has varied from doctor to doctor. It was just a bit harder on Clara as compared to other companions that have seen the doctor regenerate. To a point Clara sort seemed more thrown off than most and granted Rose did get David Tennant as Her doctor (Who doesn’t want that?). But even though she was thrown off she managed to just keep calm and well carry on with the crisis at hand. Clara on the other hand just dangle on the possibility that the doctor will be young again. Part of it could be because of the back and forth flirting before the regeneration (could you imagine flirting with Someone and then having them turn a bit older than the appropriate relationship age gap?). Well that has actually happened in Misfits (another British show about people with mutant powers, watch it!). 


Anyway, Clara has been through a lot (the doctor was even trying to teach her how to fly the TARDIS and it seems strange that regeneration never did come up). Props to her she did manage to get a grip of the situation and be smart but I would like to not see so much a of a lost puppy face a;l the time. Companions have to be strong and while she has all of the potential to super awesome she is stuck just hoping the doctor comes through. And as we have seen time and time again yeah he does but all companions should know ‘The doctor always lies’ and sometimes he can flake out on you. (But this is Moffat’s writing and he has give Clara this role all we can hope for is for her to reach that hight of character development).



Back to the Doctor, those eyebrows are ready to kill (also I do not mind the fourth wall breaking stare, it is somewhat comforting).



I feel (and this is only my mind at work here) that somehow, referencing ‘The Fires of Pompeii’. He has seen that face before and it would be (I believe) the second time the doctor reincarnation has appeared in an episode of the doctor before so (as a principal theory) the faces of the doctor are not random. They may actually be faces of people the doctor has encountered before and may have liked. 



So he is simply trying to remember where he had seen that face before? (well two reincarnations ago…). It makes sense in my head, and the doctor does meet a lot of people so remembering everyone (like any of us who has had the horrible experience of not remembering the name of a person we’ve met before, yet they always remember us, may have just forgotten that person but sort of remembered the face vaguely). 


It may also be a large shock to be significantly older, since part regenerations’ age reduction happened more or less gradually. 




As we all know the doctor will always need a companion, so it is rather hard to change so much and then have the person you rely on for emotional suport and human interaction to just miss the “old you”. It is heart braking (to me in part because I like the doctor, in all reincarnations, sure I have favorites like anyone else does but you always try to at least like them equally).



The TARDIS has also changed ( and I like the home-feel to it, notice the book shelves).



And to add to the grumpy old man feel, the doctor got himself a comfy chair (I think it makes him seem like a wise old mentor of the likes of Merlin). 


 And to top off the old-man feel to it he has this awkward reaction to hugs.



Nothing I continue to watch Doctor Who until there is no more, because I want to know where this goes. Specially now that we have someone who seems to be pulling strings (a mysterious woman with an awesome sense of fashion).



I like how they went more in depth with the relationship between Madame Vastra and Jenny. They are adorable yet a serious badass couple (the kind of people you are glad to have on your side).

So enjoy the new season and the new Doctor!

Let me know what you think!