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Adventures in South Korea: Jinhae (The Cherry Blossom Festival)

7 Apr

It is spring in South Korea and that means cherry blossom time! So I went to Jinhae to go to the famous cherry blossom festival held every year. This is serious business (you know how in the fall pumpkin everything hits the United States? Cherry blossom everything hits Jinhae). I had cherry blossom cookies, chocolate, late, lemonade, bread, swiss rolls, macaroons (actually they ran out of macaroons, but they looked pink and really goo!) and tons of cherry blossom trees in full bloom.


But the story is not all cherry blossom color. At the beginning of out journey from Busan (Heundae to be exact) to Jinhae we were a group full of hope ready to see the cherry blossoms and dressed for a nice warm spring time day. The picture below is of us standing in a bus of a trip that takes an hour (yeah we knew this when they asked us if anyone wanted to stand on the bus, we also saw that the line to get on the bus was about the size of a Harry Potter premier). So we got on the bus and tried not to fall on any Koreans.


Jinhae was all that we expected there were cherry blossoms in every direction and it all looked gorgeous.





There was even some naked ladies art which seem a lot more artsy as it was surrounded by cherry blossoms,



Then the rain started being from Portland it did not bother me and we were in line to get some of the cherry blossom everything I mentioned earlier. However we did run into some trouble getting a bus back to Busan as about a million people (and I am not exaggerating here, that is roughly how many people go to this festival also tried to get back to Busan). As my friends and I separated to get into the ticket buying line and a getting into a bus line both lines were the equivalent of a city block (unless you count the line for getting seats in the bus line in which case that would take over two city blocks)


The line never changed size even before we got into the bus it just kept growing as people desperate to leave kept buying tickets and standing on either one of the two lines and buses kept rushing in and taking as many people as they could back to Busan. As my friend Jennifer put it it felt like being in the movie Titanic because there was water everywhere, we were soaking wet (as you may recall we were dressed for a warm spring day and an umbrella was ever so under appreciated at the beginning of the day and then they were sold out in all of Jinhae) and we just wanted to board a mode of transportation to dry land.


So we finally did make it into a bus after maybe three hours of standing in the rain with no rain gear for about three hours (I was unable to move my hands or feel my fingers or toes). As we were on the standing line there were no seats for us except they did miss an empty sit which was able to take and then just fall asleep for a big chuck of the way back to Busan.


Moral of the story if the rainy season is anywhere near, TAKE AN UMBRELLA or at least a rain jacket. If you arrive at a bus station and there is a line of about forty people waiting to get on the next bus (because the current bus is full and leaving) buy tickets right there and then. And one last thing tights are awesome and they dry quickly (unless the rest of your clothes is completely drenched in which case your tights will dry and remain wet at the same time) but do not sit on the train or next to people because you will get them wet also (because osmosis and your clothes are probably saturated with water). The last picture is of my camera fogging up due to all the moisture in the bus.

Adventures in South Korea?

1 Sep


Boredom has once again become my worst enemy!, and what is a person who gets bored easily to do? 

Well I started out baking, my apartment did not come with an oven but because foreign English teachers are constantly changing, I was able to get a toaster oven for about ten US dollars. 

So I do what I do when I get bored or stressed and I baked, luckily there was an event and I was able to give my freshly baked cookies homes to be digested in. but after the second dozen tiny jam cookie I realized that I either need more friends to give the cookies to or I would end up gaining all of the weight in the world! (yes physics people I am exaggerating here)

Right being the nerd I am, I have tried to put my efforts to Doctor Who, since it has started and you know there is also work. But I have this immense amount of alone time (don’t get me wrong I like alone time, I crave alone time specially when other people are around).But some times it feels like an outside force enforces the alone time I that I get, and as anyone who has read the Empirical studies on people and aloe time can tell you, the choice to be alone is way different than being force to be alone. which makes people use electrical shocks to dull out the boredom of forced alone time.

Anyways I have taken up origami (I have made a center piece out of paper cranes), SO now I have combined the cookie making with the origami and the result were the pictures below.
20140831_094700 20140831_094714 20140831_094723 20140831_094737 20140831_094753


If you are at all interested on the cookie recipe or origami tutorials let me know ( I really recommend the cookies and if you are a food person I am thinking butterbeer cupcakes to come, assuming I find all of the ingredients in South Korea)


Till next Saturday or when ever I have more to write about!

Adventures in South Korea: Haesindang (penis park)

19 Jul

Ok so you are in Samcheok! if you were to google samcheok, as I did before coming over you will find that there are a lot of penis carving pictures (go ahead do right now, I can wait). If you are at all offended by the subject of penis sculptures or you cannot handle it you may look away now.


For those of you who stayed, lets move on. First I will assume you are in Samcheok and have arrived there via express bus from Seoul (if you arrived by train, you can tell any taxi driver you want to go to bussuh teminal is oh yo). Ok you are at the bus terminal you will be able to go to the information booth located right on the side of the bus terminal and ask the ladies there (I have only seen ladies there so it might be a gentleman who greets you) for a bus schedule to Haesindang (they usually speak English, but if they don’t they will pull out a Samcheok travel book for you and a bus schedule). from there you will walk past the bus terminals until you get to a bus stop (is is covered and has a bench there will be hangul next to bus numbers and bus schedules). You will need 1,600 won (this is also in the bus schedule you get) the bus gives you change but make it small bills you do not want to walk around with 10,000 won in change. 


The stop will a lot like this but a bit order looking and odds are there will be nice anjumas waiting as well. 

So you get on the bus,the schedule will say it takes about 40 minutes and you must get off at Sinnam (do not listen to it! I did and I ended up two stops away from where I should have been.) You will instead get off in a place that looks like this.


This picture was taken from across the street which is where the park is but a soon as you see this building press the ‘stop’ button. you can also get off at the following stop, and cross the street to a fishing village, the park has two entrances.

Ok so you made it to the correct stop (the bus driver was nice enough to flag down the bus that would take me to the correct stop, and they dropped me off at the stop where there is less walking to the entrance). You will pay 3,000 won unless you are in a group in which case you will pay 2,000 won (for some reason prices are less when you are not a lonely looser).


See the entrance? yup that is one of them. 

Ok so here is the story behind this park: A long long time ago a maiden who picked seaweed was taken to a rock away from the shore by her betrothed (because there was a bit of seaweed there). He told her he would come back for her once she was done. Well the guy did not, because there was a storm and he was unable to get his boat to her (or so he said) and the poor girl drowned. Soon after the fish began to disappear, which made the people think that the girl was angry for having died a maiden (talk about sexual frustration) and so they decided to offer her phallus carving to console her spirit.  This is still done today, on the first full moon of the lunar new year people gather to carve out phallus out of wood and they get placed in the park.


20140718_220125 20140718_220131

There are the images that greet you as you walk into the park, I ate a snack there.

20140718_220140 20140718_220431

I did not fully followed these stair because it looked like a bigger hike that what I was ready for however going down the stair was worth my time.

20140718_220611 20140718_220718 20140718_220746 20140718_220807 20140718_220822

I found dragon flies! which was awesome to me anyways.



This was like phallus-ception a penis within a penis and so on.


sitting are with decorative phallic chairs.

20140718_221615 20140718_221618

The path smelled like Jasmine flowers (at least it did to me).

20140718_221628 20140718_221637

There were for sure the most weird carvings because they are cut off.







eventually you come across this tent looking thing and if you go under it you will discover stairs!


So I took the stairs.

20140718_221834 20140718_222039

got to an observation area where you could see the ocean from (it was nice a bit of a rest


Then I saw that this also lead to a longer hike to for which I was not prepared for so I turned around.

20140718_222149 20140718_222153

And this weird looking (spider/ beetle?) jumped out from the bushes so I took a picture and run back up stairs (if you are not spider friendly you probably don’t want to go down the stairs, because there were a lot of spiders and they looked like they could kick your ass.)

20140718_222511 20140718_222514 20140718_222518

These ones are stone phallus! and they have animal, the explanation for them was in Korean so I don’t know…

20140718_222607 20140718_222618

I am not entirely sure what these men where supposed to be doing (again Korean explanation) but their penises are out so you can come up with an explanation.


Ah the quiet kisaeng (courtesan) house!

20140718_222631 20140718_222637 20140718_222645 20140718_222653 20140718_222704


in other pictures they are in more compromising positions. 


20140718_222741 20140718_222842 20140718_222859

This is the maiden ghost with sexual frustration issues.


fun seesaw!

20140718_223415 20140718_223420 20140718_223427 20140718_223548 20140718_223633 20140718_223636 20140718_223650 20140718_223700 20140718_223704 20140718_223720


By this point it was really hot and so I found the fishing village museum! it has toilets, water and air conditioning. 

20140718_223859 20140718_224414 20140718_224417 20140718_224425 20140718_224431 20140718_224444 20140718_224452

The ladies were not left out and the exhibit turns into more of a history of sex around the world!

20140718_224515 20140718_224537 20140718_224544 20140718_224605 20140718_224614 20140718_224629


20140718_224751 20140718_224809 20140718_224815  20140718_230353

cannon penis that I assume spouts water at some point because there is a fountain at the bottom.

20140718_230357 20140718_230405




20140718_230722 20140718_230750 20140718_230755 20140718_230815 20140718_230924 20140718_231117 20140718_232637


I also found a squirrel so that was cool too.


there were sitting phallus for the pleasure and comfort of those who wanted them. Have fun on your own adventure!

Because I wanted to eat like an adult again.

19 Jul

Ok so this may be a more regular thing then previously planned (I made food for myself again). So a new friend had some bell peppers she was no longer going to use and I thought of a recipe for them. Long story short we are here again.

20140718_061353 20140718_061359 20140718_061403 20140718_061410

What I used: Bell pepper (red have the best flavor for this dish plus you get the color), green onions (the reason green bell peppers don’t work so well), Soy sauce, chicken (I used dark meat of the chicken, and well here in Samcheok they cut up the entire chicken  in small pieces) oil (just a bit to cook the chicken) and sesame oil (this can be left out if you don’t have it). First you brown the chicken in a pan (or you can just use the sauce pan or pot you would be using to make the entire thing because I did but you can choose to be fancy and clean more things later). Then you lower the heat and add in the bell peppers because they are hardy and will take longer to cook (cut the bell pepper btw, in any shape you want be creative!). Once you feel the moment is right and you start seeing that the bell peppers are beginning to cook add about half a cup (or less, there are no real measurements here, let’s be honest) to the pot or pan you are using. Finally when you start to see that the soy sauce is boiling you can add the green onions (if you are not sure that your chicken is cooked all the way add a quarter cup of water and let it reduce for a bit) then just leave the heat on long enough for your onions to die a bit. Enjoy over white rice (or brown rice, because you are the person eating it and no one else but you can determine how you will enjoy your food. Also add salt if you feel like it needs to but the soy sauce can actually be salty enough but you know your food.) and there you have fed yourself like and adult human!

Because I wanted to eat like an adult today

14 Jul

Ok so currently living is South Korea is great, yeah I am a bit iffy on the language and the food is a million times more spicy that your regular spicy, but it is all good. Ok well except for the fact that I am in the land where ramen was perfected (it was a huge thing during the war and people had nothing to eat in South Korea, look it up) so I have been eating more than my fair share of pre seasoned, and cooked noodles that come in bags. So since I got payed today I decided it was time to actually make food that did not include partially using something packaged. 

So I bought pasta at Homeplus, and came home to prepare what you see in the images below. What it has well pasta, cherry tomatoes (because they are a bit more convinient than regular tomatoes for me and since people here put them in fruit salads they are a bit less expensive, fruit is expensive BTW.) chicken (that I had cooked the day before because I had no idea of what to do with it) salt (because you have to have salt in your house if only to just protect you from ghosts!) gralic (because it will make you seem like more of an adult if you just have garlic really and it makes things taste good. Trust it, it may smell not so great at first but once cooked it is a different story) and cream cheese (because I had it in my refrigerator like I always do). use all ingredients to taste and there simple food that looks kinda nice (I thank the gods of cameras mine had a food app to take pictures of food).

 20140714_062323 20140714_062327

The Nice Guy Syndrome

14 May


So we all know the nice guys who keep saying they are nice and women want only to find jerks and complain to the “nice guy”. Ok so what is wrong here? Most self-proclaimed nice guys are bitter and they only become bitter by the amount of rejection their self-proclaimed nice-guyness gets them. These people believe they are not supposed to loose and when they do they externalize their problem to those women they fail woo. The same can be said for women and really anyone who is bitter about people they are attracted to who do not want to reciprocate that feeling, yet they do not realize their bitterness can be visible to a blind person miles away. It is not that the object of their affection is not attracted to nice people (I think everyone is attracted to nice people but that the definition and level of attraction varies between individuals.  Actually a small experiment demonstrated that nice guys have an equal chance at getting a girl as the guys that act like jerks (link is here –>


How do you know if you could have Nice Guy Syndrome?

Do you believe that the object of your affection rejected you because they like jerks and or don’t like nice people like you?

Have you ever thought of your self as the ‘nice guy’ that finishes last?

Do you feel bitter at those who did not accept your affection?

Do you feel people should go out with you or for that fact have sex with you because you are being nice?

if you answered yes to at least two of those there might be a slight chance you may have Nice guy syndrome. But it is not all lost, you have a chance because there is someone who will like you back just as much as you like them , because by being a decent human being you deserve someone who likes you as much as you like them.


Sorry if this seems normative but that was the only gif that tied to my topic.

A closer look at an over-used pick-up line.

24 Feb

So we have all heard that a pick-up line whether you are the object at which that pick-up line is directed or you are someone who (and bless your poor poor innocent mind if you do) thinks that pick-up lines are a legit way to actually get a person to talk to you for more than a few minutes. The most used pick-up line would have to be “did it hurt?” and to this you are supposed to answer with a polite but innocent “what?”. When we all know that the most appropriate answer is “Why are you talking to me about physical harm?”. Well if you answer with accordance to the social norm then the reply from the person who initiated the line will be “when you fell from the sky, because you are an angel”. The social normative response to that is perhaps a smile, followed by maybe a thank you and a brisk signal to your group of friend (and I do wish you are not alone if someone approaches you with this line)  to get out and get out now! O.k. so maybe you don’t really leave but at least a distance between you and the person from where these word came from is created (friends are very handy when it comes to creating a barrier).

Now why we are all here for this pick up line. The jest of this line is to make the recipient of the attention feel flattered because the person who began the communication is either comparing you to and angel in beauty or stating that you are in fact an angel based on the one minute to lets hope it has not been more than a minute since they have noticed you (I will point that if a person notices you for longer than a minute and you and that person are not constant regulars at the place where the line came to be said then the risk of having a stalker may be real.). Right so we have the basics down, now lets look at the line part by part. You, in the eyes of this person, are a “fallen angel”. Can we think of all of the angels that have been known to “fall” from heaven? Yup, Lucifer! Whoot you are now being compared to what most major religions believe to be the devil.  Angels do not fall from heaven they get expelled or thrown out.

I am not saying that this is the intent of the line or the person who decides to use it but come on people the internet is all around us, Supernatural has been largely blogged on and well there are those who have heard the Bibble? well anyways the next time you are thinking of using that line, DON’T! if you are the recipient of that line, now you know hoe to respond if you want to feel offended or if you would like to educate the poor poor innocent souls who decide to use such pick-up lines.


This is a Supernatural reference, just so you know.

A review of Warm Bodies (the movie)

21 Feb

So notice how attractive this zombie is compared to other zombie movies.

                                 Ok I have not written in a while but here is my review of warm bodies. For those who are not aware or have not seen the trailers, the premise of the movie is that sometime in the near future a zombie infestation will happen. I know that has been done before; and to that I say yes but in this movie zombies decay to the point of losing all human aesthetics.  The lead zombie happens to fall in-love with a non-zombie girl, with influences in the survivors’’ corner of the world. This attraction causes a reversal of the initial zombie instinct which is to feed on humans. While this has never been seen before I must admit it created funny moment and while the action scenes could have used, I don’t know action it was not a bad movie.

                Now here is what I think the message of the movie is: People should not lose their humanity, those who became zombies lost their humanity because of the virus. To counter that the survivors also lost part of their humanity by closing themselves off and having experienced the harsh fact that their world filled with friends and family is never to return. So to a degree this movie gives hope that the zombie apocalypse will be nothing more than an infestation from which humans will adapt and prosper like we have done in the past.

               Aside from the psychological reasons as to why and how humans would react in such a situation, I have to say that the lack of communication in our current world. Everyone is fixated on their computers of handheld devices and often we forget to make an effort to interact with real people, you know the ones that you can actually touch if it were not so very creepy to just reach out and touch someone’s face to make sure they are in-fact there. So in other words prevent the zombie apocalypse by being somewhat proactive about meeting people, I am not saying turn yourself into a social butterfly and mingle, because I would not do that. But please if you read this set a goal talk to someone face to face and in real life if only for a few minutes or just someone new. Do not lose your humanity because all that makes us unique and human is our ability to communicate with various degrees of complexity.  So yeah, How I jumped from ‘Warm Bodies’ to the need for people to have more real life and time human interaction does not even makes sense to me. But all I know is that this is what I feel and therefore I can say this here.

How To talk to a Person you Like

14 Jan


           As Valentine’s day comes closer there are many things to consider. On of these things can be approaching someone whom you find attractive. I know that there are many online chat apps, dating sites, and articles that facilitate the process of having a relationship or simply getting a date. But has anyone really thought about how to get what they want from said relationship or date? Now I once was in a situation where it was difficult to tell whether I was just casually dating a guy or we where in a relationship and even until he broke up with me I don’t think he knew either. So what is the plan? Talk to the person of your interest, do not use a pick up line, they don’t really work, look up

  •  Start with a Hi or Hello, they are a normal person so you must communicate with them as you would anyone else.
  • Compliment should follow, compliment their awesomeness on something they said, something they are wearing, or what they are drinking even. (With that being said guys do not follow advertisements crappy beers and colones do say something about you) But if you could find a way to compliment the way a girl smells without being creepy do so.
  • You probably would like to insert the fact that hanging out with them again would be awesome and then ask if exchanging information is possible. Be direct and do not beat around the bush, the more you wait the worst it becomes.

Ok so now you have the number or contact info, How to use it? First do not contact immediately, chances are they are probably  not waiting later that day. Follow the rules in, and you should be ok.

  • Please make an activity plan not only a movie and dinner but do some sort of activity, this takes awkwardness away from having to talk to a person you like. Also if you are not up to giving relationships a try it makes causality easier. 
  • If you are not entirely interested in a relationship and wish to just go on dates, let the other person know. I will save you and the other person unnecessary drama.
  • The more interest you have on a person the more dates you should have, and they should get more and more  intimate. Trust me they do not need to know every little detail of your personal life on the first dates. This does not however mean that if you had a really funny anecdote you should not try it; please try it laughing is good.
  • Please understand at the end of the date if you don’t get a kiss or a nice hug well something went wrong. If you get a hand-shake or an awkward hug; chances are you should probably move on. Sorry about this but it is like a rule most girls follow.

There could be variation as with anything but please understand that this is here to help you. Take the help at your own risk, Comment if you like, I run all of my ideas through several people before I write. Now live long and prosper in the dating circuit.