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Crossfit in South Korea

19 Sep


So I am now living on my own in South Korea, and I decided to attempt to get in shape, instead of just sleeping all day and leaving my apartment for work and the occasional search of food.


I had sort of been working out (things like yoga and the very useful youtube video that allowed you to pause and forget about the video. I perfected that technique by getting food.). Then one day someone mentioned crossfit ( personally was one of those people who thought crossfit was not the ideal workout since you could get seriously hurt if you don’t know what you are doing. However the fact that most of the exercises make it seem like a Ninja warrior obstacle course. Now I have signed away my rights to be an unfit slob and agreed to going every weekday.


I do manage to get up early no and I can do some of the excises. But I am on my fourth day and the equipment has not fully accepted me as a matter of fact the pull-up bars reject with all their might, and my only friend (sometimes) is the mat where I can lay, in between push-ups.

I goal so far is to be able to do a normal run without having my arms trying to jump ship. If the day does come I will write it here, so you will know.