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After a Year in Korea

13 Jul

So I have officially been in Korea for one year and 17 days. My year mark came and went on the 22nd of July. I would have to say it has been an interesting experience, I met a lot of very interesting people even while staying in a small town like Samcheok. I said goodbye to my students and they were adorable till the end. Sadly I failed at turning them into Ninjas/spies but you know they got pretty close. The winter is Samcheok was deadly mainly because I got sick and Bronchitis does not pair well with freezing temperatures, but everyone else did not have the same problem so I feel that was mostly me. I had some great fun and enjoyed all the work I put into my lessons as well as all the conversations I got to both hear and be a part of. I will miss all the people I have met (with the exception of one person and they don’t know who they are).This is a check in WordPress more stuff to follow as I have time off and will be able to write more or at least fix my pictures situation.

Doctor Who, Kill the Moon

5 Oct

Hello, first sorry for not posting in a while I was down with bronchitis and only had energy to sleep.

So another Doctor Who day. Last weeks episode was great because I love monster love stories! (I really really do).

This week we see a different dynamic between the Doctor and Clara (and it makes me a bit uncomfortable).

The episode it self was great and it had and interesting story line. It puts in perspective the differences that exist between humans and a Timelord and the awareness that Clara has of these differences. She is forced to make a decision for the entirety of the human race (and that is whether or not to kill the Moon as the tittle indicates). There is oodles of foreshadowing that has been going on in these past episodes, which are all pointing at the end of the companion term.

As far as the Episode well done! I like that is went into the debate about space programs. As many of you know whether or not to continue the current space programs (specially in the States has been a bit of an issue, people just don’t find it necessary). Meanwhile India has been catching up the US’s space program which I am rather happy to see grow. Right back to the episode: It takes place in the moon, long after the majority of the space programs have been abandoned all over the world. The moon is not actually a bit of space rock but an egg that is causing all sort of gravitational related disasters on the Earth while trying to hatch.

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The fact that Clara is left on her own to protect the egg from being destroyed (The Doctor wanted to show her she could do it on her own). And we have seen the Doctor do this before, remember the reptilian episode where the Doctor leaves the decision up to the actual humans (unfortunately this was just to much for Clara and well things do not go so well for the Doctor Companion relationship).

I have to say it was hard to see Clara so angry at the Doctor, and also see that well this might not be the end, but if you are a good Whovian (as I expect you to be) you probably know this is the beginning of the end for Clara as a companion. it is just a matter of how this will all play out.

Side note: The review was a bit different today, but it will go back to the usual on the next Who day.

Crossfit in South Korea

19 Sep


So I am now living on my own in South Korea, and I decided to attempt to get in shape, instead of just sleeping all day and leaving my apartment for work and the occasional search of food.


I had sort of been working out (things like yoga and the very useful youtube video that allowed you to pause and forget about the video. I perfected that technique by getting food.). Then one day someone mentioned crossfit ( personally was one of those people who thought crossfit was not the ideal workout since you could get seriously hurt if you don’t know what you are doing. However the fact that most of the exercises make it seem like a Ninja warrior obstacle course. Now I have signed away my rights to be an unfit slob and agreed to going every weekday.


I do manage to get up early no and I can do some of the excises. But I am on my fourth day and the equipment has not fully accepted me as a matter of fact the pull-up bars reject with all their might, and my only friend (sometimes) is the mat where I can lay, in between push-ups.

I goal so far is to be able to do a normal run without having my arms trying to jump ship. If the day does come I will write it here, so you will know.