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A South Korea Soju story

18 Jul


Drinks: peach ice tea and Red soju  name: Peach Beach Please!

Adventures in South Korea: Itaewon, Seoul

2 Aug

Vacation time started and the original plan was to go to Seoul and just check it out (well I took a detour when I ended up in the same bus as two other teachers). Once we arrived at the station Dongsu station we walked a bout a block to find the train station. If you are in going to visit Seoul I would recommend getting a transit card if you have not already gotten one (I did not because I do not need to take buses in Samcheok unless you count the occasional inter city bus once a moth or so). If not sure cabs are usually available and are not super expensive specially if shared between people. 

Itaewon is a wonderful place full of ethnic food you don’t really get anywhere else in South Korea and bars that have perfect the visual art of drinks. 

First stop Bermuda (triangle), if you are into it their gin and tonics are amazing, the specialize in mojitos (which come in many flavors) but all of their drinks have this great visual appeal that matches the flavor of the drink. I enjoyed a well made white Russian.








Second on the list is Sherlock Holmes, one of the people in my group was British so we figured this was a great idea. They play Sherlock in their couch area which are covered in union jack blankets. They have board games along with a selection of U.K. imported beers. I personally witnessed a spirited game of checkers (unfortunately it did not do so well due to inebriation assisted amnesia regarding the rules of the game) while enjoying a great rum and coke.





Finally on the list was an Italian style restaurant of which name I have forgotten since we just added wine to the rest of the alcohol we had consumed. This one in particular was really and was discounted from 45,000 won to 29,000 won. This Spanish wine was a great ending to the day and it was accompanied by cheese! If you have not yet experienced the cheese situation in South Korea is not entirely great. There is cheese but it is expensive as most of it has to be imported or processed. So a cheese platter that came with saltine crackers and a few pieces of bread was like heaven. They do make their pizzas with puff pastry which does not make for very good pizza but the wine and cheese is great.  




Go wild on Itaewon and find your favorite back home food (even if it is a bit pricier than you would get it at home the comfort is worth it).