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Adventures in South Korea: Mexican Food in Gangwondo

16 Jul

This is something new I’m trying out. I have been in South Korea for for a year and some change and I have come to appreciate that there is a lot of diversity in food back home. So for those of you like me crave a burrito but are not near Seoul I have searched out places in other provinces.

We start with Golondrina a Mexican/Peruvian restaurant in Gangneung (Golondrina Restaurant). They are mostly about the Mexican food though I have been promised Peruvian food for the Week of Peruvian Independence day. So all of you who are near watch out!DSC_0248[1]

I have had the chicken taco which was really well seasoned and even though it was in a flour tortilla you still got a bit of the street taco feel.


Nacho! because why would you order anything else really. This had all the bits you were missing after some time away from tex-mex.


I apologize for this picture we forgot I was taking pictures and savagely attacked this poor Atun con Chipotle (Chipotle tuna salad).
Other dishes I ate without thinking of taking a picture and therefore deserve a minute of silence are: The house burrito (it never stood a chance), The cheese taquitos (they were made with corn tortillas and had fresh pico de gallo)

Anyway have a good time wherever you are and may good restaurants find you.