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Crossfit in South Korea

19 Sep


So I am now living on my own in South Korea, and I decided to attempt to get in shape, instead of just sleeping all day and leaving my apartment for work and the occasional search of food.


I had sort of been working out (things like yoga and the very useful youtube video that allowed you to pause and forget about the video. I perfected that technique by getting food.). Then one day someone mentioned crossfit ( personally was one of those people who thought crossfit was not the ideal workout since you could get seriously hurt if you don’t know what you are doing. However the fact that most of the exercises make it seem like a Ninja warrior obstacle course. Now I have signed away my rights to be an unfit slob and agreed to going every weekday.


I do manage to get up early no and I can do some of the excises. But I am on my fourth day and the equipment has not fully accepted me as a matter of fact the pull-up bars reject with all their might, and my only friend (sometimes) is the mat where I can lay, in between push-ups.

I goal so far is to be able to do a normal run without having my arms trying to jump ship. If the day does come I will write it here, so you will know.


Something like Senior-itis

1 Jun


For those on you not familiar with the term Senior-itis refers to that last year of school before you are done with primary and secondary school. It is a wonderful time when you procrastinate, and everything in your soon-to-be-old life annoys you because you can clearly see the end of it. Well It has been like five years since I had senior-itis (it was great though I was still trying to be responsible but I walked to the finish line), now I find that I am experiencing it again. Why, you may ask? well my dear reader in about 22 days this post will be coming to you from South Korea the land were I will be working and living in for the next two years (they are known for their Kimchi, and several palaces and hiking trails).  I would also like to point out that this will be officially the first time I will be living on my own and I will make my own money (which I will attempt to manage, Korea also has the largest variety of Ramen manufacturers) and so it is exciting yet terrifying.


But the thing that gets me is that while I am currently a caregiver (which is practically a 24/7 job) I can the light at the end of the tunnel (a job that has days off and allows for getting as far away as possible from the people you work with and work for) which is driving me crazy because all I can think about is “I am almost out!!!”. And then I realize, but I am not out yet! I officially have two more days of actually working, but that is not the point, my nerves can’t stand it and I feel like at any moment I could snap!


I don’t know if you can understand this but if you have ever had to take care of elderly people (or four) or if you know someone who is a caregiver, you might. We have to deal with people who don’t understand what is going on around them, they worry about the tinniest detail because that is the only thing going on in their lives and they will get extremely bored if someone does not pay attention to them. Now you be the human being who has to cater to the likes of people who don’t understand the fact that you are a person who may have anything else to do in their lives, but you must be patient and caring and above all respect them because after all they are adults. Yes I have grown very tired of this job I have been doing it for about three years on a full-time basis and well it has sucked most of the patience I used to have (the turn-over rate for caregivers is great and to that add that most are 24/7 or live in the same facility or take care of a grater volume of people).

I used to have a lot of patience I used to get grounded and just wait out the grounding, no problem not a big deal at all. But now I just pretend I don’t listen to the same question being repeated over and over and over again. you learn to pretend that things don’t bother you (like say someone sneezes or coughs right in your face, this job has made me a germophobe, because they cannot control it) they are after all the elderly and deserve respect and to have a comfortable life.

I am just tired and I have a way out and yet the end of this cannot come soon enough, though I know that once I am done the days will not be long enough to do all I have to do. At least I have let out some of my frustrations here for the world to read and sympathize or not read and well do nothing because they did not read it.