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Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell : A book review

21 Apr


Book review time!

This book will catch your attention so fast you will have not time to say goodbye to your life or friends, because you probably will find it too difficult to put it down. But do not panic (your friends will understand) this book does not take long to finish (I took three days to finish it. One day to get into it, the second to read the bulk of the book and the third to finish it) So you will be back to your friends/ life. Unless your life is reading books in which case read on.

Main reason I like this book I sympathized with the main character (Cath). She is also an introverted nerd except that I only belong to fandoms and she writes fanfic.

I never really got into fanfic or writing it by that matter, I was just happy being in different worlds in my head rather than writing out my feelings for the worlds and character I loved so much. I have been exposed to fangirls and fanfic through tumblr which I have to say is an intense to be a fangirl.


The book made me feel all of Cath’s anxieties, happiness, and worries. The book takes place in a college of Nebraska, and well college is not entirely a place for an introvert. The people! should I say more?

Another reason I absolutely love this book was because the author used the word Guffaw in a non-pretensious way, which can be difficult for this AP English vocab word.

So read this book look into the mind of an introverted fangirl and have your heart broken when the story takes a romantic turn.

It also make think that the internet is a great place for introverts because it allows for ideas and thought to be expressed without having to deal with human interaction because that is very important.

On that note this are my fandoms:



Doctor Who

Harry Potter

The series of unfortunate events

These fandoms got me through tough times and allowed be in different place when I wanted to get away from the world.

So please read this book, if you can you. I have not regretted reading it.