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One of the original Nerds in Dancing With The Star?

4 Sep

Alright so we all know The Science Guy, you know the one that taught us that science is cool and that we could conquer the world with a our knowledge. This guy has been great to all science classes and kids who believed one day they too could rock the the bow tie. Thanks to him we have Matt Smith and all those hipsters believing they are super original. 

Now our Science Hero is in the ever popular show Dancing with the Stars (it was announced today). Now the questions for all of us who believe in the power of science is should we watch the show and give our support to one of the original nerds or should we just not watch the show and leave Bill Nye to compete against football players, Disney stars and reality TV people all alone? 

I think this is tough, personally he is one of my heroes I love science because of him and he also let me know that being nerdy was a good thing and that I was not alone because there are people out there that get as exited about atoms and their charges as I do. But it is up to those who can watch TV to decide.

I do wish him all the best in this dancing show though I really wish that the physics of dancing gets a spot on the show I will probably keep an eye out for any updated on him. 

What will you do with your TV viewing privileges.