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Dear Girls Above Me by Charlie McDowell

25 Oct


So this book is just hilarious, if you ever thought that other people’s conversations could improve if people thought about for even a second before they talked then you will be reading the proof of that in this book.

The author began a twitter feed based on the conversations he heard coming form his upstairs neighbors and just as he began to appreciate and listen to those conversations he also began to gain a self respects few people obtain towards themselves after a brutal breakup.


So if you get a chance to read this book you will laugh (well at least I did, laugh very loudly in coffee shops). 



Rapture Palooza A movie that I watched

25 Oct






Alright so last weekend I watched this movie and I must say it was awesome and well as the tittle entails this movie is about love (well some of it is but no it is about the rapture happening). So the rapture happens and only a few people are left on earth. 


The anti-christ is a politician which is not at all surprising and well the earth is not in the best condition. But people survive as they always have done.


This movie is funny and sarcastic mainly, it does well to make the best of an impossibly bad situation. So I recomend it a a good bad movie, that should be watched when you have not much todo and you just want to watch something that will make you chuckle. 

I think that the cast is great and that it does give humanity a positive light and hope that it will all be ok.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a review of episode 3

10 Oct

So this week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. There was a kidnapping of a S.H.I.E.L.D. asset (the way in which this happens is Awesome!).


Once they figure out who took the asset they manage to make Skye infiltrate the party where the asset is (because she got an e-vite and also she does not have S.H.I.E.L.D. protocol restrictions).


The action scenes are great and eventually in a Skye and Agent Ward action they manage to get out of Manila alive. Unfortunately the Asset is not so lucky.

(if you have not yet seen the episode you can watch it on the ABC website.)

Ok Spoiler time if you have not seen this episode look away!


Ok so it looks like this episode has introduced a villain, Graviton/ Franklin Hall has been introduced as a comic book character he does appear in the avengers so maybe this means that it will either lead to perhaps a link to The Avengers. Or perhaps it could also mean a link to Wolverine and the X-men. 


Personally I would love an X-men link because it would be awesome and because while I am an X-men fan I was just Meh with the movies so maybe the time that a T.V. show allows could be a good thing for them.

Ok that is all nerds!



Love songs continuation

7 Oct

Ok so this goes back to to a previous post when I was asking for love songs either written or sang by women. I could not come up with song tittle that met those standards so I researched. First I tried to look for what makes a good love song and why a love song is a love song.

So what makes a good love song? 

  1. A good love song should be catchy because if it is not then people would not remember it and it would not make you think about that special person in your life nor would couples choose them as ‘their song’ that gets played at weddings or anniversaries.
  2. It must be original, because people want to be original when they pick a song to represent their relationship. 
  3. The lyrics must make sense and their meaning must be understood by the couple who chooses them (there is nothing  worse than realizing the song that you chose to represent your relationship is not at all about love or even liking someone but about sleazy or shady dealings between people or worse a break up).
  4. Finally a good performer can transfer lyrics to emotions so a good singer/performer is a key component to a love song or any song really. 

Now what was I looking for in the love songs performed or written by women? well I mainly wanted women to sing about their significant other in a positive light, ideally they are together and happy preferably. No bashing on the guy’s current girlfriend (because that is mean and no nice guy wants a girl to just destroy another girl for his attention, that just makes you a mean girl), And no saying things like ‘you could looks better but I still love you’ (way to destroy someone’s confidence) or to appreciate the someone for the things they gets you but they still love them (as if you would have payed him attention if he had not started out by giving you things?).

As to why I chose this well I have been exposed to many love song that men sing to their significant other and while I think that this is very romantic (specially when the guys plays and sings the song for you) when I wanted to perhaps chose a song to sing for them perhaps (I have not really done so) I found that I had a limit on the songs I had available to respond as a girl. And so this post is born. 

  1. Crazy in Love by Beyonce: Alright so this is a good example because she is literally talking about love, the fact that she made this song with the now husband then rumored boyfriend is an added plus. It is in many words a romantic song, the lyrics just brag about a significant other and how much they are liked by her. Then there is the fact that Beyonce sings this so is there really a question about her being a good performer? The song is original, and if you listen to this song and not sing the first part for the rest of the day, I question your humanity.
  2. Then He kissed me by The Crystals: So this is a teen-girl band but I think it qualifies, it is catchy and it just talks about a being kissed by guy they liked. I will say that they just sorta jumped to marriage but I blame that on the 60’s and the fact that they are young. However they thought the guy was awesome and they were happy about the kiss. This song is so light-hearted it just  makes you think about a first kiss with someone. 
  3. I say a Little Prayer for you by Aretha Franklin: This makes the cut because i meets criteria it does not bring people down, it is upbeat and memorable (people will sing along if you start it) and it just goes on along the lines of thinking about a significant other, like all the time (I can say that constant thinking about someone makes then the object of your affection). 
  4. Zing! Went the strings of My Heart by Judy Garland: A very straight forward love song/poem. It is very gender neutral so I will include it in this list because it’s nice.
  5. How Will I know by Whitney Huston: Ok so in this one she is just wondering if this perfect guy loves her and describes the pre-going out jitters, which I think it’s fair. That uncertainty thing has been felt by almost everyone right? This song passes because it is catchy and was popular when it came out, they focus one person and does insult or gives back-handed compliments to anyone (positive love song).
  6. La Vie En Rose by Grace Jones: The song is originally sung by Edith Piaf in the olden day but it was given an update in the 70’s by Jones. Again a complete love song though while in French is talk about how awesome it is to just look at this guy and cuddle essentially. So valid example. 
  7. No One by Alicia Keys: Alicia Keys is good and in this song she reassures her significant other that people may talk but they will be together through it all, meets the criteria so it is here. 
  8. Constant Craving by K.D. Lang: A song about love where it is just the her singing to a significant other, I can count it as romantic I like the tune. 
  9. I just can’t get you out of my Head by Kylie Minogue: Catchy and totally singable to maybe say you like someone or at the very least a way to say you can’t stop thinking about them. It may not be a super romantic love song but you can dance to it.
  10. Umbrella by Rihanna: This song is actually rather sweet, it is basically saying that in the good they will both be good together and in the bad she will be there to help them out. Symbolically the umbrella is like she is protecting him which is in my book a romantic promise.
  11. Be My Baby by The Ronettes: Just your average declaration of love here super cute, I like it.
  12. Stoned Love by The Supremes: This is just a long term couple king of love song you know we will be together even if we have bumps along the way we can work it through deal. 
  13. Ain’t No Other Man by Christina Aguilera: It says it on the tittle, there is nothing like making someone feel special right? 

Alright so for the sake of this post I have gone through song lyrics and many lists (in other word appreciate this or I will be sad). Also I find it disturbing that according to several songs in the 60’s many young men died in motorcycle accidents. 

Note: On the last Love song post someone mentioned ‘I will always love you’ by Whitney Huston but I do not count it because it is about saying good bye even though she loves him. So this makes me think that the intended party of the song broke up with the singer. (just my opinion if you just want to sing the chorus to your significant other go ahead) 

This are not all of them but my research has led me to be aware of more love songs by women than previously aware of. so this list may expand.



Romantic Anonymous Movie review

6 Oct


So if you are looking for a funny romantic movie that tells the story of very socially awkward people this is the movie you should be watching. 

The movie is currently on Netflix, it is French film that tells the love story of Jean-Rene and Angelique who both have difficulty communicating feelings with others. 

Eventually the characters end up in each-other’s lives and through their awkwardness end up together but not before they have a series of misunderstandings rooted on the fact the each-other thinks that  the other is in full control of their emotions.


I just liked this movie because there is always awkwardness in our lives and it is important to understand that and overcome it so we can get what we want in live, also support groups plus chocolate will always help.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. a Review of Episode 2

5 Oct

This week on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (but first may I say sorry for writing this way later than the episode aired) The team goes to Peru in search of an item of unknown origin (084) discovered by an archaeological team. 


Ok so Being from Peru I have to say that while the Peruvian police is not filled with people who fluently speak English the facts (key word facts) were all true, so if you like me cringe when movies or TV has all of the facts wrong solely based on the fact that most people have not really heard about a place in the world. 


Agent May shows everyone that she is super awesome.


Anyways this episode was mostly about Phil’s team learning to work together due to circumstances.


But certainly the highlight of the entire thing was that Agent Fury Shows up on the show! and he does what he does best be angry and yells.


So you can watch the episodes after they air on ABC. com  (Though I am not advertising for them in anyways)

Bill Nye on Dancing With The Stars Week Three

1 Oct




Ok so this week on Dancing with the stars while the government was being shut down Bill Nye was being voted off the show,                                                                                                                                                   



I thought His dancing this week was awesome at least it was a great show, and I may be biased based on the fact that this is Bill Fricking Nye. 




I suppose this might have been expected since last week Bill took a fall during his performance which tore a ligament in his knee, making it impossible for him to move his leg at all.


He tried his best but in the end there were just not enough call for him, however I liked that the judges were far nicer to him than on the first week. I for one will just not continue to watch the show because well I only watched to support Bill Nye.  So this was it for today.